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A mini-introduction to dry erase paint for surfaces and walls

Walls do more than keep the roof up! They are a fantastic surface that you can use for decoration and productivity – if you have the right tools of course. While many of us use them to put up posters and shelves, we can’t really do much more with them at the risk of making marks and scuffs. Well, with dry erase paint, you won’t have to worry! Dry erase paint for surfaces and walls is a fantastic addition to any home or workplace as it lets you draw, write and pun up magnets, wipe it away, and do it all again!

The best part is that there is more than one type of dry erase or whiteboard paint, but if you’re not sure about which one’s best for you, here’s a little more about what you can get.

A quick intro to dry erase paint

If you’re new to the world of whiteboard paint or dry erase paint, you might be wondering what on earth we’re talking about. Well, in a nutshell, it’s a type of paint that you can apply to walls and other suitable surfaces to write and draw on with markers – just like you would any normal whiteboard. There are many advantages to having such paint for surfaces and walls for both fun and work – and the best part is that you can use it over and over again.

Whiteboard paint for walls

So, what are the options of dry erase paint for surfaces?

Bright, white dry erase paint

If you prefer to keep things simple, white whiteboard paint is the most popular choice. It’s right there in the name! White whiteboard or dry erase paint is one of the most popular types and is widely used by offices, workplaces and schools. And, if you’re planning to use multicoloured markers with your wall, the white background will really make the visuals pop! More info on our white whiteboard paint.

Beautifully clear dry erase paint

If you want to keep the original colour of the wall and not cover it in white paint, our clear dry erase paint is the choice for you. As one of our most popular products, it’s a great choice for creative spaces that want to have all the colours and decorations of a wall surface, with the added bonus of being able to draw on it. More info on our clear dry erase paint.

Attractive (ha-ha) magnetic dry erase paint

If you want to pin up magnets and draw around them at the same time, our magnetic dry erase paint is the choice for you! Imagine being able to pin up pictures and reminders and being able to draw around them as well! It’s every bit as easy to apply as our other dry erase paints and is loved by families, teachers and business leaders everywhere. More info on our magnetic dry erase paint.

Dry erase paint for surfaces

It’s not just walls

Whiteboard paint is mostly used on walls, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t put it on other stuff too! Here are some other surface types that you can transform with our dry erase paint.

  • Metals such as kitchen cooker hoods and metal doors
  • Marble areas such as bathroom walls and kitchen work surfaces
  • Wood, such as the headboard of a bed, desks, tables and other furniture
  • Glass, such as office cubicle windows, home windows, cabinet doors and glass tables
  • Untextured wallpaper

Ideas for the office

The workplace has plenty of opportunities to get the most from dry erase paints. For instance:

  • Boardrooms – for presentations, workshops, teambuilding, brainstorming and general meetings
  • Columns – can be turned into message boards and spaces for reminders
  • Cubicles – for writing up work schedules, reminders and messages to colleagues
  • Reception areas – Welcome messages for guests and employees

Ideas for home 

In the kitchen – writing out grocery lists, menus for the week and recipes

Chilling in the living room – family games, meetings, guest books, drawing spaces and recreation

Home office – brainstorming spaces, meeting reminders, doodling space (for boring meetings), schedules, deadlines and more

Doors and walkways – reminders to take keys (or take out the trash), welcome messages for guests and errand notes

Ideas for school

  • Learning exercises and organisation such as lesson plans, maths equations, word association exercises and any other topics that would usually go on a whiteboard
  • Educational fun and games such as hangman, drawing competitions, poetry spaces and other classic classroom games
  • Student inclusion in daily classroom life, including votes, polls and brainstorming

For more details on how ESCREO and our dry erase paint for surfaces can help at school, check out our guide on how to use writable walls at school.

Go forth and create!

So, there you have it – a little more information on the amazing things you can do with dry erase paint at home, in the workplace or in the classroom. At ESCREO, we love giving people ways to be creative and productive in the places that need it most, and we’re sure that whichever of our hallmark dry erase paints you go for, you’re going to love it! For more ideas and inspiration on using your dry erase paint in interesting, fun, educational and professional ways make sure to check out our blog regularly.