Magnetic Whiteboard Paint


Unleash your creativity - attach notes and write on the wall thanks to ESCREO Magnetic Whiteboard Paint.

  • Strong Magnetic properties
  • White colour to fit every space
  • 2-day application; Write in just 3 days
  • 10-year warranty
  • Full paint application set in the box
  • Eco-friendly formula
  • Quality writing accessories available
Quantity discounts %

Custom Quantities

The price includes primer, magnetic base, whiteboard paint, hardener and full DIY application kit.

Application It's easier than you think

What's in the box Find out what you receive with your order

  1. Application guide
  2. ESCREO magnetic base for 4 coats;
  3. High-quality primer for 2 coats;
  4. ESCREO whiteboard paint + hardener for 2 coats;
  5. Paint opener and paint mixer;
  6. Eco-friendly foldable paint tray;
  7. Paint roller;
  8. Paintbrush;
  9. Masking tape;
  10. Protective plastic sheet;
  11. Gloves;
  12. Sanding block

Surfaces Discover the surfaces you can apply Escreo paint on

Our Magnetic Whiteboard Paint can be used on a variety of vertical surfaces such as Walls and columns, Fridges and furniture,Doors and other vertical flat areas.

You can paint on Wood, Metal, Glass, Latex, Masonite.

Make sure to contact us if you have any questions regarding the suitable surfaces on which you can paint with ESCREO.

Measurements Learn how to easily measure your walls

To measure your whiteboard area, use a metric tape measure or a meter stick and:

  • Measure the height of the area;
  • Measure the width of the area;
  • Multiply the two numbers to get the exact measures of your whiteboard area.

For example, if the width is 2m and the height is 1m, you will end up needing paint for 2 sq.m of surface (2m * 1m = 2 sq.m).

Accessories Find out why it’s important to use Escreo accessories

  • You can purchase ESCREO accessories to get the most out of your new magnetic whiteboard and to preserve its longevity.
  • The neodymium magnets in our set are stylish yet comfortable to use.
  • We offer a variety of sets that can fulfil any task and purpose.
  • Our accessories will provide you with the best possible writing experience.

Quantity discounts Save with Escreo up to 25%

  • Save 15% when buying 6-21 sq.m of ESCREO paint (or £5.76 per sq.m)
  • Save 20% when buying 24-33 sq.m of ESCREO paint (or £9.60 per sq.m)
  • Save 25% when buying 36+ sq.m of ESCREO paint (or £12.48 per sq.m)

Free Delivery Learn how quickly your order will arrive

  • We deliver for FREE! Save an average of £17 from the delivery.
  • 1 business day delivery;
  • A tracking number for each order;
  • Fast and reliable customer support.

Escreo turns an ordinary wall into a place for sharing ideas, plans, and inspiration. Writing, drawing, and sometimes just scribbling on the walls helps us be more creative and efficient, and have fun during the working process. It contributes greatly to creating the atmosphere that supports new ideas.

bilyana dimitrova

Bilyana Dimitrova

Operations Manager

Escreo helped us achieve modern, innovative and welcoming workplace. We are very happy.


Nikolay Ligov

Facility Coordinator
Ingram Micro

The Escreo walls help up communicate, systemize our ideas and create more CHAOS!

apostol apostolov

Apostol Apostolov

Business Analyzer
Chaos Group

They are smart and creative folks and its great to see their imagination becoming a reality on this lively wall, that Escreo helped us put in place.

ioana sava

Ioana Sava

Business developer
Tech Hub


How long will my ESCREO surface last?

ESCREO comes with a full no-matter-what 1 year warranty, assuring that the paint will keep its original appearance and functionality. Proper maintenance such as routine cleaning and use of appropriate markers can extend the life of your dry-erase surfaces to over 3 years. See the Maintenance sheet here.

Do I need any special accessories to use ESCREO?

No, standard whiteboard accessories will do just fine too. However, for optimal performance we recommend our markers and cleaning products as they are perfectly suited for the ESCREO paints and finishes. See packages here.

If I have to paint on two layers, do I need to buy double the amount of paint?

No, the amount of paint you order is enough to cover your desired space on 2 layers. It is very important to follow the instructions to ensure the functionality and longevity of your surface. Do not dilute or mix the paint with any other products. Visit application page here.