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How to max out your wall design with whiteboard paint

No more empty walls with ESCREO whiteboard paint

Take a look at the room around you – we’d bet you can see plenty of space on the walls that don’t have decorations, mirrors, hooks and the like. Just imagine what you could do with that space if you had the ability to write and draw on the surfaces with no permanent markings whatsoever. Well, that’s the beauty of clear writable paint – you can excel your wall design with whiteboard paint!

Easy to put on and even easier to clean, functional whiteboard paints like this can transform any surface into a creative, productive and fun space where you can let your imagination go wild or organise your family or home office. It all depends on your needs and personality, so let’s take a look at four broad personas and how they might use whiteboard paint to enhance their lives.

The organiser

This person likes things to be in order. They love lists, processes and bringing directions to their lives, and the lives of those around them. Whether it’s a stay-at-home parent or a home office long-hauler, whiteboard paint is a valuable tool that they can get a lot out of.

For those who like things organised, whiteboard paint can be used to leave reminders, chores, lists and schedules in kitchens, hallways and even bedrooms – which can be changed, erased, ticked off and updated with ease.

And, for the home office, you can have your tasks for the day right there in front of you on the wall instead of on a tiny notepad on your desk or computer desktop. Stay up to speed with important deadlines, remind yourself of meetings and keep yourself productive in a fun and engaging way.

Escreo whiteboard in the kitchen

The style icon

For many people, their homes are a place of expression and design where they can paint and decorate to their heart’s content and let their personality shine through. Fans of style like a lot of colours, ornaments, trinkets and distinctive furniture. Nothing makes them happier than to have guests compliment them on something interesting, so it stands to reason that writable walls are right up their street.

The good thing about transparent writable paint is that fans of décor and style can enhance what they already have, instead of having to write over it. Think of artwork, drawings, poetry and famous or inspirational quotes. 

The all-rounder

We’ve never been the kind of people to put others into boxes – chances are that most of us have elements from both the creative and organisational side of things. For many of us, having engaging and enjoyable tools to organise our lives and have a bit of fun at the same time is the sweet spot.

As mentioned above, writable wall paint is all about how you want to use it. If you prefer to make lists and keep things working in the household, go for it! Or, if you prefer to play games such as tic tac toe, hangman and other classics, you can go ahead and do it right there on the wall.

And, for the home office, functional paint enables a whole new way of brainstorming. Nothing gets the creative juices flowing than actually standing up and charting out your thoughts and ideas on a larger, vertical surface. Trust us: once you try that, there’s no going back to pen and paper.

The environmentalist

One of the great things about the modern age is how much more aware we all are of the environmental impact of the products and services we use. Many of us care about the environment and where possible, do our part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And it is possible to make your wall design green with whiteboard paint!

We are of the same mind which is why ESCREO are on a green mission ourselves. For instance, did you know that our goods and services are now officially carbon neutral? Yep, that’s right! We are doing everything we can to offset the carbon released during the creation of our products, as well as the supply lines and right down to paperless invoicing.

And, we are proud to say that for every order we get, we go ahead and plant a tree in one of a number of dedicated locations around the world.

Carbon neutral paints

An ESCREO for everyone

So, there you go – whether you like things neat and tidy or prefer to let your creativity free, ESCREO is right there for you. Application couldn’t be easier and maintenance is easier still – so go ahead, make your walls marvellous again and again with our range of writable wall paint. Need some ideas? We have you covered. Check out our articles on how to turn your home into a writable wonderlandhow to have a creative home office space and 10 creative uses of a magnetic writable wall.