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Magnetic whiteboard paint is a fantastic way for you to transform your home and workplace into something completely different. Imagine having an area on your wall where you can move and attach different objects and images whenever you feel like it. Just like a pinboard, but without having to poke holes in things!

If you like the idea of magnetic paint but aren’t entirely sure of how you can use it, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 creative uses of magnetic writable walls that you can use in both the home and your workplace.

Magnetic writable walls at home

1. Planning and organisation

Whether you have a large family with young children, live alone or as a couple, having a magnetic wall can make your day to live a lot easier. Imagine being able to leave reminders, lists, chores and schedules in designated areas which can be changed up as often as you like. Pin up shopping lists in the kitchen, have cleaning rotors on display and let your home run like a well-oiled machine!

2. School and learning

If your child is home-schooled or partakes in remote learning, you can use magnetic dry erase paint to pin up lesson plans, ‘to do’ lists and other materials relating to their lessons. You can also use magnetic pins to hold pens, pencils and other light objects to keep desks clean and free of clutter.

3. Recreation of artwork

Something that’s always fun is to recreate famous artworks and pieces by using lots of small, coloured magnetic plastic blocks. This could be from complex classics through to the modern and simple, but you can create a new one every week to keep your walls looking fun and dynamic. An activity like this is therapeutic and can clear your mind after a busy day.

4. Fun and games

Of course, fun and games are just as important as being organised. Through the use of magnetic whiteboard paint, you can play a range of different games depending on who’s in the house – and since you don’t need to crowd around a table, your magnetic wall can make for some pretty epic games of tic-tac-toe, battleships, chess and just about anything! Try to recreate your favourites by glueing small magnets to game pieces.

5. Abstract madness

Magnetic walls can unlock that part of you that just wants a bit of abstract chaos. If you feel like peppering magnets on the wall from around the world, go for it. If you want crazy pictures that can be moved around easily, it’s all yours. Pin things up, create colourful spaces, write and leave fun messages and let your mind be free. The beauty of magnetic writable paint means you can change whatever you want at any point.

Kids room with magnetic paint

Magnetic writable walls at work

1. Bring in a bit of colour

This is something we’ve explored before in our article about the psychology of colours in the workplace. By having different colours in different parts of the office such as entrances, meeting rooms and brainstorming areas, you can have positive effects on mood and productivity. Magnetic paint will let you hang up posters and coloured materials to achieve this without having to paint entire walls.

2.  Magnetism in the team

Whiteboards and flip charts are good for brainstorms, but can be a little… small. Why not use an entire wall instead! The next time you and your team need to crack a tough client or need ideas on how to deal with a complicated issue, having the space of an entire wall can really make the difference. With so much canvas, magnetic whiteboard walls let you split into sub-teams, create large-scale flowcharts and move ideas and initiatives around as you please.

3. Make the most of available space

Offices can get a little cramped from time to time, so maximising your workable space can help increase productivity and reduce that feeling of being cluttered. By applying magnetic paint or magnetic dry erase paint to supporting beams, columns and walls you’ve effectively doubled the area in which you can display and interact with information.

4. Bond with colleagues

It’s healthy to enjoy the time you spend with colleagues; after all, you spend hours and hours with them every week! Magnetic paint can be used for fun as well as work… So go ahead and use your wall in team building activities, workshops or just relaxing fun after the workday. If you’re looking for ideas, check out our list of team building games to play at the office.

5. Save money

It’s a little bemusing when you see offices that have clearly spent a lot of money on their creative and collaborative areas. Sometimes, the simple solution is the best one! If you’re a business owner or are in charge of the office, magnetic paint is a fantastically cost-effective way to bring modern and fun tools into the workplace. You won’t need huge renovations or teams of painters: just open minds and a few simple steps.

Ideas that stick

The above suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how you can use magnetic paint. Whether you’re at home or in the workplace, you can transform the space around you to become so much more.


For more information on how it all works, have a look at our magnetic whiteboard paint product page. Need some inspiration and ideas on improving the home and workplace? Read our articles on how to turn your home into a writable wonderland, how to have a creative home office space and how drawing helps develop your child’s motor skills.