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6 Ideas (and Resources) to Turn Home Office Into More Productive Space

Creative Use of Whiteboard Paint Home Office

This article was written by Maria Cholakova-Sonrisa, CEO & Head of Content at Skribu Digital.

In times of uncertainty due to COVID-19, companies have widely embraced home office as a viable solution to keep their team members safe. But the challenging part of working from the comfort of your home is actually staying productive and motivated. 

That’s why people are constantly looking for ways to turn their cosy workstation into a more creative space. If you can relate, then this article is just for you!

Step-by-step Guide to a Creative Home Office

With some bold ideas and artsy inspiration, we are going to show you how to upgrade your home office setup without breaking the bank. Follow our short guide to find out how to take the ‘boring’ out of your work-from-home mentality.

1. Separate living from working areas

Let’s be honest, home is genuinely the place you go to relax and unwind after a long workday. So when it becomes a workplace as well, your brain could easily do a mix-up between the two. As a result, it leads to exhaustion and loss of motivation. 

So what can you do to stay at the top of your game? Our advice to keeping productivity up is to set boundaries between your home and your home office. 

You may do that by taking simple steps such as avoiding to work in your bed or sofa – get a desk instead. Another suggestion is to isolate yourself from major free-time distractions. Use houseplants and other furniture to visually separate your home office desk from your favorite relax areas.

Make some rearrangements, if needed. For example, if you find yourself spending the majority of your free time in the living room, then move the desk to the bedroom. If the weather is nice and you have an outdoor space available (balcony, patio, backyard, etc), take your laptop and go get some sunlight and fresh air.

2. Rethink home office design

Once your get-to-work area is established, it is time to rethink your workspace. There are plenty of inspiring ideas for desk instalments and furniture sets around the web. Feel free to explore different home office designs until you find an aesthetic that fits your interior and resonates with you the most.

Whether you go after a luxury home office style, a colourful workstation, or a subtle minimalistic setup, make sure you add a complimentary touch of cosy. Make any stylish home office pop by adding modern, wild, and unconventional décor:

A messy home office is rarely a creative one. So consider optimizing the workspace by rearranging supplies, separating them into organizers and drawers, and hiding your hardware away.

3. Add some live or decorative green plants to your home office space

Plants are the perfect office-living area separator as they draw visual borders without actually limiting the room space. Nothing makes a home office cosier and livelier than a nice green display and a creative plant arrangement.

Checkout Patch Plants’ Instagram for some creative examples.

Adding plants as a decoration provides a sense of nature every person staying indoors need. Ornamental greens help people adjust to the new normal, making them calmer, happier, and more balanced. Last but not least, houseplants clean the air inside, and all they expect in return is minimal care and some regular watering.

If you are instead interested in interior and exterior green office landscaping and decoration, you can check out our friends from botaniclab.bg, who we have collaborated with in the past.

4. Brighten up the home workstation with natural or artificial light

Letting natural light inside is one of the best home office ideas, as it provides great mental and physical health benefits. Bright and vibrant areas stimulate brain activity and rapidly reduce stress levels. So be smart and place your work desk close to a window or in a well-lit room with plenty of daily sun access.

Good lighting makes a room feel spacious and complements both big and small home office establishments, encouraging creative process. Such spaces are the ultimate workplace environment that sparks positivity in a time of uncertainty. The moral of the story is to ditch the light-blocking curtains and keep the blinds up.

Indoor lighting options for your home office
If you don’t have the luxury of enough natural lighting we would suggest checking out Ikea’s indoor lighting options.

5. Have some fun with task management

When you think of task management, do you instantly imagine all those flying sticky notes with little to-do tasks on them? What if there was a better and more clever way to work your way around projects and assignments? Well, there is – a sophisticated magnetic wall.

The magnetic wall is a dry erase whiteboard wallcovering that allows you to stack, move, and rearrange paperwork, reminder notes, and task priorities using magnets. You may also use the wall to keep your pens and office supplies in check. 

And the best thing is, having such an inventive home office feature is super easy and inexpensive. All you need is magnetic whiteboard paint by Escreo and motivation to turn your private working space into an inventive home workstation.

6. Go wild with a whiteboard wall

Creative spaces require creative solutions. So when upgrading a work from home setup, it is imperative to think outside the box. And what better way to be fun, unique, and express your creativity than being able to write on the wall itself? 

Our dry erase whiteboard paints are perfect solution to bring colour and function into your home office space.

Instantly write down and modify ideas, quotes, schedules, notes, and plan out strategies, just like you would do on a whiteboard but with an artsy twist. Indeed, any modern home office could be improved and turned into a brainstorming spot with an Escreo dry erase wall. 

You can even choose between a white whiteboard paint version, or a transparent whiteboard wall paint that allows you to keep your original wall colour (find out more about the psychology of colour in the workplace).

With a few swipes of a paintbrush, a creative whiteboard wall introduces corporate office minimalism to inspiring home office designs. It boosts productivity and motivation, encourages proactive brainstorming sessions, and makes writing notes down entertaining on a larger scale!

What do you think about these tips and tricks on how to promote creativity and spice up a dull workday in lockdown? Is there anything we missed that should be on the list? Do you have any cool ideas to use Escreo whiteboard paint in a home office environment? Let us know in the comments down below.