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Whiteboard wall paint is a real game-changer when it comes to creativity and productivity. Whether you want to bring more life to your home and make it more fun for the kids, or you feel like your workplace needs a little more life, whiteboard wall paint is an affordable and effective way to achieve it. Join us as we take a closer look at whiteboard wall paint, where you can use it, what the advantages are, and what you can do with it!

Surfaces you can try

As you know by now, you can use whiteboard wall paint on walls… it’s in the name! But did you know that you can also use it on:

Glass – Such as cabinet doors and windows

Marble – Like kitchen work surfaces, bathroom walls and sink areas

Metal – Cooker hoods and metallic work surfaces

Hardboard – Found at the end of beds

Wood – Desks, tables, wardrobes, cupboards and window frames 

Wallpaper – You can even paint over wallpaper if it is smooth and not textured

So, what are the benefits?

There are plenty of advantages to using ESCREO whiteboard wall paints, in fact, there are too many to list here. You’ll have to find out for yourself, but here are just a few of the main ones.

It’s fun! – Help your kids do their homework, enjoy work meetings and carry out epic brainstorming exercises

It maximises space – in small offices or homes with limited space for whiteboards and canvasses

Choose your colour – from classic white to transparent, pick the colour to suit your style

Eco-friendly – made from a water-based formula with absolutely no toxic chemicals

Easy to apply – Taking just one day to apply and three days to dry

You get it all – when you buy from us, you get the entire kit you need to apply, including a roller and paint tray

Loads of options – from classic whiteboard through to transparent and magnetic, there’s an ESCREO for everyone

whiteboard paint for home use kids bedroom ideas

How to apply whiteboard wall paint

We’ve designed our whiteboard wall paint to be as easy as possible to apply. You’ll get everything you need with your purchase, including detailed instructions. However, to get the most from your paint, we do recommend you read how to apply our whiteboard paint for the best results.

Ideas for the home

Every room in your house has a different use, and with ESCREO they can become so much more. For instance:

Living room

The centrepiece of your home where you entertain guests or chill with family, decking the walls with writable paint means you can play fun games, have family meetings, leave notes, and have a great time.


Kitchens are at the heart of any home, and with writable walls, they can become even more functional. Write out weekly menus, grocery buying lists, recipes, notes, and reminders.

Home Office

For many of us, home offices have become very important, but sometimes it’s not as easy to be productive as you’d like. With writable walls, you can stay super organised with meeting reminders, notes, and individual brainstorming sessions.


Even your corridors can benefit from having writable walls! For example, leave reminders to take keys, notes to family members for errands, welcome notes for guests and more.

Office ideas

PaySafe whiteboard paint

Workplaces don’t have to be boring! With whiteboard wall paint you can have fun and maximise productivity. Here are the areas you can transform:

Slant Walls – Have you noticed that people tend to look up when thinking? By painting slanted walls at a higher eye level, you can catch the attention of deep thinkers with motivational quotes and reminders.

Columns – Don’t need to be visual obstructions. By making them writeable you can turn them into magnetic boards for messages, photos and decorations.

Hallways – With plenty of people making their way through hallways every day, they are the perfect places to leave welcome messages, calendars and pictures.

Dividers – Whether it’s between desks or rooms, dividers are often used to pin up post-its and decorations. Instead of poking holes in them, just make them writeable instead!

Cubicles and desks – Imagine being able to write down notes during calls or map out flowcharts and brainstorms right there on your desk. Well, with whiteboard wall paint you can!

whiteboard paint office ideas: white and clear dry-erase

Whiteboard wall paint for the win

By transforming your home or workplace with writable and magnetic walls, you’ll soon notice just how much more fun and productive your daily life will become. The best part is that application is easy, and maintenance is easier still. And while there are other companies out there, you can rest assured that our paint is clean and safe – and our business is carbon neutral too! For more ideas on what to do with your whiteboard wall paint, take a look at the other articles on our blog, including 10 creative uses of a magnetic writable wall, how to have a creative home office space and how to turn your home into a writable wonderland.