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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about whiteboard paint?

The whiteboard is a mainstream product used by SMEs and large corporations during meetings and brainstorming sessions. But why would you switch a regular whiteboard with a dry-erase paint?

There are three main reasons:

  • Nature friendliness
  • Ease of use
  • No boundaries

ESCREO’s whiteboard paint is well-known for its water-based formula and leaves no toxic chemical traces or fumes. It’s incredibly easy to apply, and can even come with application kit. Our paint makes drawing and erasing possible on any smooth surface, not just walls. It’s so much more than your typical business product – it’s an innovation that allows a limitless number of possible uses. Being a regular meeting room whiteboard is just one of them.

Minimalist Art Displays and Galleries

Great for: galleries, museums, personal and commercial use

With the help of ESCREO’s magnetic whiteboard paint, you can easily create a sophisticated art display with a sleek, contemporary style. The art display is suitable for homes that have a modern minimalist interior as well as quirky, forward-thinking galleries that can benefit from building art displays with no boundaries. Columns, ceilings, doors, and tables can all become part of the display with the help of the magnetic dry-erase paint.

What do you need?

Whiteboard paint: Magnito by ESCREO, a smooth wall preferably with a white or light grey solid base colour

Additional tools: small discrete magnets optionally painted in the same colour as the art frame

dry erase paint mind maps

Boundless Eco-Inspired Mind Mapping and Brainstorming

Great for: startups and large businesses, non-profits, education facilities, institutes and organizations who are looking for green alternatives to regular whiteboards

What do you need?

Whiteboard paint: Magnito by ESCREO

Additional tools: basic magnets, markers, coloured paper (optional), a smooth surface to paint on, like a wall, desk, even a door

Create beautiful mind maps and visualize information directly on your wall, desk or conference table with the help of ESCREO’s magnetic whiteboard paint. Magnito by ESCREO will turn any smooth surface into a magnetic whiteboard without compromising the surface’s original colour. Create completely Eco-friendly magnetic whiteboard surfaces, draw diagrams, take rough notes and develop your ideas anywhere.

Easy-as-pie Photo Walls

Great for: interior photo displays, decorating odd spaces like columns or slant ceilings

What do you need?

Whiteboard paint: Magnito by ESCREO

Additional tools: magnets, markers, smooth surface to paint on

We can’t claim that handing photos on the wall is anything near rocket science, but it definitely has it’s unpleasant moments. Especially when you take the wrong measures and put a nail right where it shouldn’t be. With ESCREO’s magnetic paint, however, everything’s easy. You just paint the surface, wait for the paint to dry completely and that’s it. The Magnito paint turns any surface into a magnetic whiteboard so there are no errors, no permanent wall punctures, no smashed fingers ( Ouch! ). Just grab a couple of magnets and place the picture at whatever angle you like. Your imagination is the limit.

Unusual Surface Protection

Great for: kitchen back walls, walls behind desk chairs, any high-traffic surfaces that get easily damaged, minimalist interiors

What do you need?

Whiteboard paint: transparent whiteboard paint by ESCREO

Chairs are notorious for ruining office walls. That’s why people usually mount those weird long boards on walls in waiting rooms, offices, and meeting rooms, and even at home. They look awkward but are necessary to keep the walls from being scratched and painted. Same goes for the back walls of the kitchen that are usually decorated with tiles to avoid any permanent stains from oil spills and grime. With ESCREO’s transparent whiteboard paint, however, you can keep walls and surfaces from most soiling and scratches. Just make sure to clean the painted surface regularly and use the deep cleaning spray no more than twice a month.

Inspiring Vision Boards

Great for: personal use, childcare centres, schools

What do you need?

Whiteboard paint: Magnito by ESCREO or an ESCREO transparent whiteboard paint

Additional tools: magnets, markers

Just like in a diary, you can display all your hopes and dreams on a special vision board and place it somewhere you can see it often. Even better – through away that cork board, grab an ESCREO paint, and turn your vanity, wardrobe, door or ceiling into a vision board. This idea is also great for childcare buildings, playrooms or schools where children can use their imagination, draw, play, and dream.

Kids room with magnetic paint

Non-permanent Magnet Wall-mounting

Great for: rental homes and offices, cases where renovations and wall perforations have to be avoided

What do you need?

Whiteboard paint: Magnito by ESCREO

Additional tools: neodymium magnets

Not every home renter tolerates house renovations. Truth is, in most cases any changes the leases have made like the wall colour, perforations, furniture arrangements, etc have to be reversed to the original look of the place. This makes decorating quite hard but here’s a little trick. With the help of ESCREO’s magnetic whiteboard paint and a couple of neodymium magnets ( they are the strongest magnets available ), you can easily mount spice racks, kitchen hooks, and any lightweight appliance. Once you’re done with your lease, just remove the magnets and the homeowner won’t even know you’ve made changes. Plus, the paint is transparent so you won’t need to repaint.