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The mind maps are one of the most popular methods for learning and remembering. It’s an effective visual technique that easily unlocks your brain’s potential. There’re no age or whatsoever limits for using mind mapping and it’s productive for every aspect of your life. 

There’re just a few simple things you need to start your first mind mapping: 

  • A space
  • A whiteboard marker, pen, or crayons
  • Just a little imagination

dry erase paint mind maps

What are Mind Maps?

Mind maps is a way to brainstorm. They set your ideas free and make it easier to analyze and memorize things.

Using mind maps daily will your change the way you think and create, positively changing the way you feel. Since there’s no limit on the number of ideas and links your brain creates, there’s also no limit on the different ways you can use the maps. Mind maps turn boring data into vivid, memorable and well-organized charts. The most beautiful thing about mind maps is that they work in sync with the natural way our brain works.

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Creating a Mind Map

  1. Start in the center of your writing space. Whether it’s a sheet of paper, sketchbook or an Escreo wall, starting in the center gives the brain the freedom to spread in all directions and express itself more naturally.
  2. Sketch your central idea. An image can tell a thousand words and it also unlocks your imagination. Using an  image as a starting point, stimulates your brain to produce more ideas.
  3. After adding a few ideas, start connecting their main branches to the central image. Then connect the second and third level branches to the first and second levels, and so on. Remember that our brain loves associations. Try connecting two (or three or four) ideas together. This way you may discover new points of view.
  4. Use colors! They stimulate your brain, spark your creative thinking and are simply fun! Check our colorful writing accessories here.
  5. Use various shapes to draw the branches – zig-zag, waves, double lines, braids, etc. Avoid straight lines! They kill all the fun and suppress your imagination.
  6. Use one keyword per line. This way your mind map is fit and precise. Try using pictures everywhere, even if you can’t draw well. Each image, just like the central one, tells a thousand words. So 10 images in your mind map tell around 10,000 words. Wow!

Do you use mind maps? And do you feel inspired to get started now? Share your mind maps with us here!