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It’s not the first time we’ve compared the ESCREO Whiteboard Paint with traditional whiteboards. Whiteboards are a useful tool meant to bring ideas and people together and it’s a necessity in almost every office. But have you ever thought if there might be a more eco-friendly, green alternative to whiteboards?

Keeping up with the problems and challenges of the 21st century, we need to stop and think about the future of the planet we inhabit and to make sure it will still be this friendly, marvellous, inspiring home we know. Making sure the generations after us will be able to enjoy, take care and further develop the world we’ve built is essential. This is why more and more businesses (and individuals of course) strive to contribute to the world ecosystem and “go green”.

This is what Escreo stands for as well – being an eco-friendly alternative to the whiteboard we all use (sometimes on a daily basis). Escreo makes magical paint for your walls that enables you to write on them and let your imagination run wild.

Not sure what are the benefits yet? Let’s get straight to the point then.

Lifecycles of Whiteboards and Whiteboard Paint

Whiteboard paint lifecycle by Escreo


As any material product, whiteboards require processing, materials, and energy to produce. They’re not very recyclable, nor do they easily biodegrade either, although you could probably burn them. All the steps involving manufacturing, assembling, and distribution of the whiteboards, require energy. So not only does it result in using a lot of energy and resources, but also causes waste and pollution.

Not very eco-friendly, huh?

Now let’s look at the alternative we have – a modern whiteboard if you will. By using a dry-erase paint you can cut costs, have a flexible out-of-the-box space to help you brainstorm, plan and have fun, and last but not least, you can make your contribution to a greener environment.

Escreo is a water-based paint with low VOC, not silicon-based one like most of the wall paint buckets out there. It comes in thousands of colours and I like to think it sparks up anyone’s imagination and creativity. Besides that, it helps you not only present, brainstorm and organize, but also draw and inspire your colleagues (and leave them fun messages, *wink-wink*). And did I mention it’s bio?

Plus, Escreo is a small production company opposed to the mass production corporations out there.


Also, let’s talk about the distribution of whiteboards for a second. Distributing all those big pieces of plastic around the world – can you imagine how harmful is that to the environment? From the manufacturer to the warehouse, from the warehouse to distributors and stores all over the world. Not very green.

On the other hand, transporting cans of magic paint is a much more environmentally friendly act. Escreo Whiteboard Paint buckets are more compact than a 2×1 meter of plastic called Whiteboard. Actually, you can say how many squares of the wall you want to be painted when ordering Escreo Whiteboard Paint. You get the exact amount of paint you need, so not a single drop will be in excess.

Also, all of Escreo products ready for transportation are packed in recyclable cardboard boxes.

whiteboard paint is used as more eco alternative to whiteboards


You want to draw right there on your desk when the inspiration hit you? Go ahead. You want to show your colleague sitting at the next desk an idea you just had? Go on, write it on the pillar that separates your workplaces. You want to draw a timeline but didn’t have enough space up to now? Well, now you have the whole wall at your disposal. Just take advantage of the surfaces that surround you! We made whiteboard paint that can help with all of that.

You can’t do any of that with the standard sized whiteboards. You get a 2 sq meters of space for planning and creativity and that’s it. You can’t be flexible, spontaneous or much creative with whiteboards. The truth is office tools are just means to an end but the best tools are those who help you work, not put limitations on your creative processes.

Whiteboard paint by Escreo


Whiteboards have a number of components, so this is why they have a very complicated life cycle. Actually, the main issue here is the plastic. Plastic manufacturing requires petroleum, which is a nonrenewable resource. At the end of their lives, you just throw away your whiteboard, since they are not recyclable, or at least not easily recyclable.

Even if you feel the urge to disassemble the whiteboard, so you could dispose of it more responsibly, it wouldn’t do much good. Why is that – because some of the whiteboards are made of polypropylene, which generally isn’t recyclable. Most of the cheaper whiteboards are actually made of melamine which also cannot be melted for recycling like other plastics. There are ways to recycle whiteboard markers for example, but whiteboards – you’d better give up.

Recycling Escreo Whiteboard Paint is easy, even needless. You just paint on top of it – a new layer of paint, a new colour, different surface. Also, we even have dry erase markers that are eco and recyclable. Because we believe that sustainable business is the only one we can be a part of!

Eco dry erase markers by Escreo

Are you ready to make the next eco-friendly and sustainable solution for your office? Check out what colours Escreo Whiteboard Paint comes in here.