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We’ve looked at the comparison between typical whiteboard and whiteboard paint. Read about the differences, benefits & costs.

The Change

First there were pictographs and smoke signals, then paper came along and with it letters, sent via pigeons or trusted couriers. There were also messages in bottles, but how successful were those in reaching their recipients, we cannot be sure of. In 1440, Guttenberg’s invention of the print press triggered a domino effect which would transform communication in ways unimagined. Then, you know how it goes–  radio, telegraph, telephone, all the way to instant messaging. The ability to communicate, has helped our species survive and reach the top of the natural food chain. Communication is an essential part of development.

The New Age

Now, more than ever, businesses embrace change. Success comes to those who are adaptive and have a good communication flow. Offices are no longer what they used to be. Naturally, communication in the new age work spaces is also changing.

ESCREO is here to encourage easy communication and help businesses of all sizes create a more productive workflow. ESCREO whiteboard paint transforms the static space into a canvas for planning and sharing ideas.

No, you won’t need a whiteboard any more.

Yes, you can write on that wall!

Adaptability of whiteboard paint

If we take for granted the need for businesses to be adaptive so they are competitive, a question pops up:

Which of the following helps better optimise the workplace – ESCREO Whiteboard Paint or the good old whiteboard?

It is a rhetorical question, but for the sake of argument, let us investigate deeper.

The whiteboard features:

  • a place for writing and drawing
  • standard dimensions
  • placement on a wall
  • occupies specific space

Compare that with the whiteboard paint:

  • much larger surface for writing and drawing
  • freedom to choose the size
  • the opportunity to use your space in the most functional way, because spontaneous ideas matter
Before/After ESCREO

That column in the middle of the room is no longer just another supporting structure. ESCREO transforms it into a message board where you can leave a note to your colleagues.

All those colourful walls that get your mood going, are spiced up with inspirational quotes.

All smooth surfaces in the office come to life and the walls no longer feel like an isolating fortress. You are not alone, as if talking to the wall. But even if you are, it answers back. And no, you are not going mad, there is a message for you on that wall.

You have a meeting with partners and you are talking numbers. How much easier would it be if you visualised them on the table? Or have your to-do list on your desk. ESCREO makes that possible.

In ESCREO’s world, the plug-ins are no longer obstacles.

Consider how sometimes we look up, hoping to get an answer. Well, with whiteboard paint on your ceiling, I bet you, you could find one.

Take Forbes’ advice and think outside the box with our whiteboard paints!

History of the office space

Almost 100 years ago, a mechanical engineer had an idea: to design factories and offices in ways that maximise the workplace productivity.

In fashion, the new is about the well-forgotten old. This implies to office trends, too. Initially, those were large open spaces, arranged in a way the supervisor could follow the process (Frederick Taylor’s philosophy). A century later, managers are stripping down the walls of the cubicles, transforming them into spaces open to easy communication, teamwork and more creativity.

While some walls are going down, others blossom in different colours. Over the last 12 years, research on the psychology of colours has influenced interior design. If you strive for productivity, know that décor colours matter. The hospital-like white walls remain a thing of the past.

What about the whiteboard?

Whiteboards appear on the market as a revolutionary substitute of the black chalkboard. And although innovative for their time, 50 years later, they remain the same. Well, almost the same. One could see the passage of time caused by the smudging due to frequent use. It’s fair to mention that colour theories address the white as being contra-productive.

Whether you already have or wish to have both colourful and functional walls, and whiteboards are out of the question, fear not. ESCREO Clear Whiteboard Paint is the solution you seek, as it preserves the original colour of the surface, while transforming it into a writing canvas.

Office Interior Trends 2020

Each year, innovations in architecture shift the focus of interior design to the experience of a certain space, rather than the need it fulfils. Offices are no longer just places where one does his job, but where he enjoys spending his time and where he gets a creative boost.

The office interior trends of the new decade focus on ecology, functionality and innovative materials. The static and cold feel of the classic office design is transforming into a fun and comfortable playground for professionals.

Does the whiteboard fit in the catalogue of the new trends? Not really.

ESCREO, on the other hand, seems to be a perfect match.

Invest wisely

The modern office, just like the business that thrives in it, requires a good plan. A wise investment is to fulfil the following factors –  time, quality and cost. Often, we face with the choice of fulfilling two of them, at the expense of the third.

‘Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.’

– Warren Buffett –

‘All intelligent investing is value investing — acquiring more that you are paying for.’

– Charlie Munger –

Whether you are investing millions in bonds or a few hundred in decoration, the smart way is the one that brings value on the table.

If we look at the dilemma between the whiteboard and ESCREO through the prism of investment, we need to compare much more than the price tags. What gives ESCREO a competitive advantage is not only the price, but also the value.

With the whiteboard, what you see is what you get. And what do you see? Limited standard sizes, higher prices for nicer materials, and barely any bonuses.

The value of ESCREO starts with the tangible – a complete package with everything you need for an effortless installation. No need to pay a professional. You get personal attitude and advice, regarding your space and project.

No white, no problem!

ESCREO Clear Whiteboard paint for comparison, adapts to the already established image of the company, contributing to the functionality of seemingly dysfunctional spaces. The team’s response is fast, the quality guaranteed, and the result – creative.

Last but not least, it’s about that childish pleasure of doing what has been forbidden for long – writing on walls. Except now, it is no longer an act of vandalism, but one of a creative outburst.

The hidden value of ESCREO lies in its ability to integrate and facilitate teamwork. It is game on!


When we talk about investment, we are also talking about the future, and that of the whiteboard looks like this:

  • the surface becomes smudged because of prolonged use
  • there is a risk of scratching the varnish cover
  • there is no guarantee of resistance to wet abrasion
  • it could damage the wall during installation

When choosing ESCREO you get:

  • easy to clean surface
  • a writing wall that doesn’t require any additional varnish
  • guaranteed resistance to wet resistance
  • a product that complements the interior and is easy to apply

Whiteboard Paint Comparison Conclusion

However you look at it – economically, financially or aesthetically – ESCREO is not only the favourite in this derby but also the champion. It brings added value at a lower cost and responds to both the trends and needs of the modern office. ESCREO whiteboard paint brings a joyous and playful mood at the workplace without ruining the discipline. Au contraire, it ignites productivity. Today, ESCREO is part of the evolutionary process of communication. It is part of the change. And the whiteboard? Well, it deserves its honourable place in a museum.

If you are ready to embrace change, but wonder what to do first, let us help!

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