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Take a look around at the walls around you right now. Chances are there are some shelves, pictures or even nothing at all. Then imagine what you could do with those walls if you make them functional, transforming an unused space into something useful. Well, that’s what this article is all about – finding the major benefits of making functional walls with functional paints. As we all live increasingly busy and complex lives, maximising our space has never been more important, and with functional paints that can be achieved. Here are a few things you can think about to inspire yourself:

Paint perfection

Functional walls don’t have to be difficult. If you’re thinking that it’s going to take a bunch of drilling, shelving, and heavy DIY, then you may not have thought about how easy functional paint makes it to turn your home into a writable wonderland. All it takes is a few applications and a couple of days to dry, and your functional wall will be ready with minimal fuss and mess. And, that good thing about functional paint is that it can go on just about anything, including:

  • Glass – Such as windows and cabinet doors.
  • Marble – On your kitchen work surfaces or bathroom walls.
  • Wood – Window frames, tables, desks and furniture
  • Wallpaper – In any room that has it, but only if the wallpaper is not textured.
  • Metal – Such as cooker hoods and even car doors 
  • Hardboard – At the end of beds, on furniture and other well-sanded areas.

Whiteboard on the walls

Dry erase surfaces

Transform any wall in your office, classroom or home into a high-quality whiteboard with the help of ESCREO’s whiteboard paint. You can bring out the genuine personality of a place, whether it’s an office, bedroom, corridor, or somewhere else by making it interesting, exciting, productive and useful.

You may transform any area into an imaginative canvas to assist your family show tasks, requirements, reminders, or simply plain old-fashioned creative fun with our whiteboard wall paint. 

If there’s one thing that teachers of all age groups agree on, it’s that keeping pupils engaged, energised, and interested is a never-ending fight – especially in today’s world of smartphones and social media. With whiteboard paint, all walls suddenly become valuable tools. From class schedules and workshops through to fun games and creative exercises, having the functional walls to write and draw on will transform how pupils engage and learn.

When you think about it, the boardroom is not so far from the classroom – in that occupants are going to need to be engaged or their minds will wander. If you’re about to do a presentation or lead a brainstorming session, and having the ability to write on the walls around you will not only give you a much larger space to grab their attention, but a more enjoyable one too.

Carbon neutral paints

Make it magnetic

Having a magnetic wall may make your life much simpler, whether you have a large family with small children, live alone, or as a couple. Imagine being able to pin up reminders, lists, chores, and calendars in defined sections that you may rearrange as needed. Let your house run like a well-oiled machine by posting shopping lists in the kitchen and displaying cleaning rotors.

Offices can feel claustrophobic at times, so if you maximise your usable area with functional walls can help you boost productivity. It can also reduce the sense of being crammed. By applying magnetic paint or magnetic dry erase paint on supporting beams, columns, and walls you can multiply the space to work with.

For education, you can use magnetic dry erase paint to pin up lesson plans, ‘to do’ lists, and other documents relevant to your child. Specially if they are home-schooled or participate in remote learning. To keep workspaces tidy and clutter-free, use magnetic pins to store pens, pencils, and other light objects.

Do it with ESCREO

Many people love the idea of having functional walls but may be put off by the thought of going through all that effort. The good news is, with ESCREO you can put those worries away. Our products are easy to apply, clean and maintain. You can easily make a functional wall with our functional paints. All you need is a wall and you’re good to go!

Best of all, our products are now carbon neutral, meaning that your functional paint purchases can be 100% guilt-free and 100% awesome. You can choose from classic whiteboard paint, or if you prefer to keep the original colour underneath, go ahead and use our clear whiteboard paint instead. And, if you’re a fan of magnets, you can even use our magnetic whiteboard paint option. It’s up to you!