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The Mission

Express. Exchange. Change.
We believe that moving forward means questioning the old and ineffective ways of how we think and do things. By discovering new solutions and problem solvers, we can make room for innovation.

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Our mission is to bring down the boundaries of yesterday’s ways and enable people to express themselves freely. We want to inspire collaboration and idea exchange by making planning and communication natural and hassle-free.

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Much more than a paint

ESCREO paints redefine the way we work by transforming our environment. From static tools and surfaces to interactive creative space that acts as a blank canvas for all ideas. ESCREO pushes the boundaries and gives freedom to communicate and exchange plans in a limitless way.

The Team


Yasen Rusev

Co-founder & CEO

+359 888 220 630

Elena Nikolova

Co-founder & CMO

+359 883 337 390

Iskren Mitev

Co-founder & COO

+359 887 341 813

Diana Teofilova

Head of Sales

+359 888 830 068

Dora Naydenova

Junior Trade Hero

+359 887 932 471