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We continue with our favorite series ‘Writing on the wall…’, where we talk about the Escreo walls or rather about the people next to them. With this material, we aim to introduce to you our clients’ and partners’ activities and ambitions, as well as to show you various and specific applications of Escreo in an office environment. Today we’re interviewing Nora Kalionska from OLX.

Why did you choose Escreo for your office?

Because we had heard from some of our partners, who are also your customers, that the quality you offer is very good. Furthermore, we wanted to have such a wall for a really long time as our colleagues really enjoy it.

What else do you use it for?

The one next to the front door serves mainly to allow everyone to express themselves. As you can see, there are writings such as “Petya for president”, doodles, stick figures, inscriptions… All the colleagues are completely free to draw whatever they want on it, but in your honor we have erased some of the curse words cause there were quite a few of them (laughs). Of course, we use the wall in our meeting room only for work.

Are these… works of art being erased sometimes? As I recall, your colleagues mentioned that all things stay the way they are.

They get erased. Before thеse there were others, so when someone wants to write or draw something, he removes some of the old doodles.

Escreo opens the doors to creativity
Escreo opens the doors to creativity once again!

I hope that the author does not get mad when someone wipe out his work.

So far no such scandals broke off among us. (laughs) 

Let’s talk about the frames. I understand they are the work of a graffiti writer. Who is he and how did you get the idea to make them in such a style?

Unfortunately, our artist wished to remain anonymous. As for the idea, it came from OLX on a global level. Our business is scattered across 45 countries around the world and everywhere there is a tradition to work in offices like the ones in Google. The office spaces of our foreign colleagues are quite creative and look very good. The company values you see listed on the wall opposite the front door are universal to us all. Subsequently, we decided to approach this task a little more creatively. Rather than resort to stickers or some more traditional branding, we approached the writer and he drew them entirely by hand.

Escreo whiteboard
Creativity and practicality – a successful partnership

You said “creatively”, so share a personal opinion with me – does creativity or practicality play a greater role in the sales business?

Combination of both, undoubtedly. You have to be creative to come up with a good product, but if it is not practical, it will not sell well. The balance is what matters. We strive to keep it that way.

Are there difficulties for businesses like yours, in which the amount of goods offered changes on a daily basis?

Here everything is quite dynamic, as we are a platform for ads and have no control over what people want to sell. They have complete freedom so that we are able to boast of quite serious volumes of listings and sales.

And what are the difficulties you encounter in processing so much dynamic information?

So far we hadn’t encounter any particular difficulties because our team is very experienced. Some of them work in the company for 8 years now and have seen everything. And as you know, eight years are just like cat years for internet businesses. Everything is segmented very clear, and we can use the experience of our colleagues in other countries. So the combination of an experienced team and international company is working extremely well for OLX.

Company values
What would a company be without its values?

How often do you interact with your offices in other countries?

Oh, often we do team building activities together. For example, in March we had a marketing meeting in Abu Dhabi, attended by about 86 people from all OLX offices. It was very interesting, as we learned many new things about the business and were able to tune with our colleagues from other countries. In this regard, I am proud to say that Bulgaria is among the top 10 developed market in the world. Something that even I did not know myself.

We learned what role creativity plays in sales, but where does it stand in culinary? Good thing that Baker Brothers are here to tell us.