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Creativity for years to come: A guide to keeping your ESCREO writable surface at its best

whiteboard paint maintenance guide and tips

You might think that having a writable wall comes with a lot of hassle, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. ESCREO paint has been formulated and packaged to make sure that the application is as easy as possible. But, of course, that’s just the beginning: with a ten-year guarantee for our paint, you can be sure that it’ll go the distance and then some – with a little bit of maintenance of course.

We want you to enjoy your writable surfaces for as long as possible, so we thought it would be good to have a little guide on the proper maintenance of your ESCREO paint so that you keep things in tip top shape for whenever creativity strikes again.

Start off on the right foot (or hand)

They say that prevention is the best defence of problems, so while this guide is mostly about what happens after you apply your ESCREO whiteboard paint, we do quickly want to cover what to do right at the beginning. The most important thing to note is that the paint will only be as smooth as the surface that it’s painted on, so please follow the instruction manual or check out our videos. To make sure you have everything you need, why not use our handy installation kit to get everything perfect right from the beginning.

whiteboard paint maintenance guide installation kit

Use the right pens

It may go without saying, but it’s surprisingly easy to confuse permanent pens with standard whiteboard markers. We recommend using the pens you can find amongst our awesome accessories, as we’ve picked them to match perfectly with the product itself. If you do prefer getting your pens elsewhere, just remember that it’s worth paying a little more for premium pens as this can help prevent ‘ghosting’ (more on that down below).

Finally, you can also preserve your wall by not leaving ink on it for too long. However, you’ll be fine for up to four weeks, so there’s no need to be too overprotective.

Maintenance tips

Wiping wins

Wiping down whiteboards isn’t rocket science, but there’s still a little bit of science involved. To remove dry-erase marker ink from your writable surface, always use a clean microfiber cloth (regularly washed), or a soft foam sponge. This applies for both the white, magnetic and the transparent whiteboard paint. If you feel that the cloth is starting to get a little hard or abrasive, we recommend replacing it with a new one.

Avoid using a normal whiteboard eraser on your writable surface as this will likely just smear the ink around the area instead of removing it entirely. And, of course there’s always our special ESCREO Spray to make things easier. Please note that the spray shouldn’t be used for the first month after painting and that you should avoid writing on your surface for an hour after using it. 

Cleaning your wall

It’s also a good idea to clean your wall entirely from time to time to avoid a build-up of the marker inks. Go ahead and use a gentle water-based cleaner and microfiber cloth / soft sponge every few weeks. Avoid using common household and industrial products such as vinegar, window cleaners, degreasers, nail polishers, diluents or other aggressive cleaning chemicals.

If you’re using the paint in an office and you have an exterior company or person taking care of cleaning, it’s a good idea to let them know about the writable surfaces as well – just in case!

Avoid ghosting

Ghosting is never polite, but we’re talking about marks from pens that don’t go away after a regular attempt at wiping. If you’ve already tried mild soap and water on a microfiber cloth, go ahead and try our special ESCREO spray. As mentioned above, stay away from solvents or aggressive cleaning liquids as this may damage the paint. 

A good tip here is to experiment on an inconspicuous area first to see if there are any negative effects. Read more about Ghosting.

A few extra pointers

Painting on glass is perfectly fine, as long as you use the white primer first. If you prefer a transparent finish, go ahead and use our clear writable paint! Just remember to clean the glass completely before applying.

Wood is also fine, and you can save yourself some hassle down the line by making sure the area is smooth and sanded before application. When adding multiple coats of primer, sand after each coating. If you’re creating your writable surface outside, it’s usually best to make sure that the area is sheltered from the elements. Our products are robust and can handle direct sunlight and UV, but like most other materials it can start to degrade if these conditions are too extreme. The same goes for sub-zero temperatures as well.

Task list on the wall

ESCREO is made to last

We believe in our paint and have created it to be as robust and tough as possible. But, for extra peace of mind, ESCREO comes with a full, no-matter-what, 1-year warranty and a 10-year limited warranty that your whiteboard paint will retain its original appearance and functionality. However, we do recommend that you follow the above advice to extend its life for as long as possible. So there you have it. Now that you’re an ESCREO-expert, you can get the most from your writable surfaces for years to come. Of course, if you do have any other questions, just get in touch with our friendly team or check out our FAQ.