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What is ghosting and what we need to know about it? And we don’t mean “ghosting” like some paranormal activity in a haunted mansion. It’s about something annoying for every writing surface owner: marker stains. Those irritable marks that stay no matter how much you scrub them from your whiteboard, glassboard or whiteboard wall.

Ghosting 101

Ghosting is a pretty common problem, but it’s fortunately easy to solve and even avoid. Like everything else you own,  your whiteboard walls need proper care and attention if you want them to serve you well. Ghosting can appear on whiteboard walls as well, but owning a high quality surface and accessories is essential for resolving that issue. That’s why we created ESCREO whiteboard paint super durable and easy to maintain! In addition to that, we’re also happy to share a few tips about your surface care.

First Steps with Your Whiteboard Wall

ESCREO is the better alternative of the old school whiteboards. Why? Because we created a product that lasts, doesn’t take up space in your room, and is super easy to maintain. Make sure you followed the application instructions right and your surface will be there for you and your colleagues for a very long time. Keep in mind that the first few weeks (up to a month) are the ones, where your whiteboard wall requires the most attention. So keep the following things in mind for the first 2 weeks:

– Don’t use the deep cleaning spray.

– Don’t leave your writings for over 24 hours.

– Don’t scratch your surface and don’t spill drinks on it.

You can also print our maintenance sheet and put it near your wall to make sure that everyone knows and follows the “rules”. Also, we recommend using our high quality ESCREO accessories to ensure the longevity of your surface. Our “Start” pack even comes with a comfortable accessories holder, as well as spray, sponges, microfiber cloth, markers and refills – all the things you’ll ever need.

Tips on Care & Maintenance

– Apply your whiteboard paint carefully and evenly. Ghosting can appear on thinner layers of paint, so be cautious or use professional help.

– Use high quality writing materials. Investing in good markers will repay you.

– Clean your surface with microfiber cloth. It picks up even the tiniest traces of marker.

– Replace your erasers often. Dirty sponges only spread dirt and marker stains on your surface instead of picking it up.

– Don’t leave your ideas on the wall for extended periods of time. We recommend starting fresh at least once a month.

– Use spray for deeper cleaning every few weeks. Together with our microfiber cloth, the clean and shiny wall is guaranteed. Just don’t overdo it: cleaning sprays are just an occasional helper for your wall!

– Don’t write on your wall immediately after using the spray.

– Don’t erase with hard and abrasive materials, alcohol, nail polishes, degreasers or other aggressive chemicals.

Finally – the most important thing: NEVER USE PERMANENT MARKER ON YOUR WHITEBOARD WALL. If it happened, contact us immediately. You can email, chat or call us any time with any kind of emergency questions.

So, that is it. Fair and simple, with our tips you can be sure your whiteboard wall will live long and happy life with minimum effort.

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