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Innovative school implements the STEAM program as part of its holistic education system

Whiteboard paint in educational complex Svetlina

Svetlina Educational Complex uses whiteboard paint to redesign a STEAM creative area for the next generation of masterminds. Writable walls are an innovation that perfectly matches the innovative spirit of the integration of the STEAM programme into a holistic education system. You can read more about this approach in the following interview:

Svetlina Private Primary Innovative School offers the only holistic education system of its kind in Bulgaria under the auspices of UNESCO. Could you please tell us a little bit more about this system and what else do we need to know about you?

Svetlina Educational Complex is the first in Bulgaria to offer this type of education. Holistic comes from the Greek word “ὅλος”, which means “complete”. Holistic education is, in the most general sense, a comprehensive care for children, which includes 4 levels of development – mental, emotional, psychological and physical. Our policy relies not only on the mental (academic), which is related to memorising facts and measuring results only on this criterion, but also on the other three aspects. The progressive methods we have been using for 22 years enable children to build themselves as independent individuals with a healthy curiosity about the world and life, while developing their potential.

Our main goal is to enable the growth of each and every child by applying an individual approach. In this way we manage to lay the foundations and develop:

  •  The 13 types of intelligence;
  • Healthy eating habits;
  • Early career guidance;
  • A sense of responsibility to oneself, society and the Earth.

We understand that you plan to implement the STEAM program in the upcoming school year 2021-22? How did you come to this decision and what makes it different?

The Educational complex Svetlina confidently takes the next step – integrated curriculum in mathematics, science, engineering, technology and various arts under the umbrella of STEAM /Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics/. The combination of different in nature subjects stimulates not only the easy perception of information but also children’s creativity, critical thinking and generalised perception of a material or abstract unit.

The STEAM approach to modern education combines knowledge and techniques that reach pupils in a natural and easy way. They preserve the curiosity and interest of children in the otherwise complex subject matter to be learnt. The presentation of the study material takes place through creative ways of teaching which simultaneously improve children’s personal skills. 

Why did you choose to create this new creative space with ESCREO whiteboard paint?

We know that we are united by the idea of being innovators in our fields. This shared value is at the heart of our choice of partners like ESCREO and your whiteboard paints in this endeavour.

We believe that the interior influences the productivity and creativity of children, and not only. In this case, what trends do you observe in the interior of the modern learning environment?

We absolutely agree with you. The environment helps or hinders the information field. We can tell you about the trends we follow. We all know that children easily absorb new information when they are outside and can empathise with learning. In view of this and with the knowledge that it is not possible to be constantly in nature, we try to prepare our school space, following the standards of Architecture “Education 3000”, which is part of the World holistic educational environment.

Our new learning environment is close to the natural one – arranged internally and in colour. The goal is for children to easily acquire new knowledge, to be able to concentrate, to learn anti-stress techniques and to be physically active. This environment gives freedom of thought and action. It is a principle embedded in every human being, which gives us the basis for a successful future. Our slogan is not accidental either: Happy children today, successful people tomorrow!

With this positive energy we look forward to the start of the new school year!

Writable paint for schools

If there’s one thing that teachers of all age groups can agree on is that keeping students engaged, energised and interested in a classroom is a never-ending battle. Well, writable walls at school can help. We’ve put together some ideas of how our writable walls and surfaces can be utilised at schools to benefit both students and teachers. The article covers just the tip of the iceberg of how writable walls at school can enhance the teaching environment by utilising a range of options including all kinds of whiteboard paints we offer.