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You’re moving your office in a new place, your old office space desperately needs a renovation or you just wish to refresh the interior of your workspace without making major structural changes and repairs? If you’re seeking a way to retouch your office interior and push your company towards sustainability, you’ll love what we have prepared for you.

This article has collected some of the best ways to revamp your office interior and improve team engagement, without cluttering your precious space unnecessarily. Going for useless decoration pieces can do the job but it will eventually fill up your storage space. And there always is the option to opt for new electronics. But who needs to make major purchases when finances are short? Interactive whiteboards are the industry’s latest trend, but what if we told you there is a better way to do things? And most importantly, it’s absolutely nature-friendly. This office remodelling will leave no toxic fumes or dust particles that a usual renovation does.

We’re happy to present you some of the best ways to improve and modernize your office on a budget, all with the help of ESCREO’s special eco-friendly painting kit.

Revamp Your Office Interior With ESCREO’s Whiteboard and Magnetic Paint

We’ve already covered a lot about the advantages of using ESCREO’s whiteboard paint instead of an ordinary plastic whiteboard. Here’s a short list of some of the main ones.

Benefits of Having a Whiteboard Wall Painted With ESCREO

  • Fun & Engaging: Increases team engagement during staff meetings, brainstorming sessions.
  • Saves Space: Perfect for small offices with limited space for bulky boards.
  • Limitless Color Palette: Paint in any color you want and even use a transparent paint.
  • Eco-friendly: A water-based formula containing no trace of toxic chemicals.
  • Quick application: You need only one day to apply the paint and three days to start writing.
  • Complete kit: Comes with everything you need, from the roller to the paint tray.
  • Full support: You get complete instructions and support over phone and email.
  • Supports Magnets: With the help of Mangito, ESCREO’s special magnetic whiteboard paint, you can also stick magnets to any painted surface.

What makes ESCREO’s products a top preferred choice is the fact that they are absolutely nature-friendly. The whiteboard paint is based on a special water formula and is perfectly safe even for your pets and kids. And the same goes for the recyclable markers, the painting tools, and the unique cardboard paint tray. That’s right, it’s made entirely out of cardboard. You’ll know you’re making the right choice with ESCREO’s whiteboard paint right away. Along with getting a complete painting kit, clear instructions for application, and unlimited support from our staff, you’ll notice that the boundaryless space on your walls will positively engage your employees in more discussions, brainstorming, and it will overall improve team collaboration.

Ideas for Office Renovation with ESCREO’s Dry-Erase Paint

#1: Turn your walls into a writing space with no boundaries with the help of ESCREO’s whiteboard paint.

Transform any wall in your office into a high-quality whiteboard with the help of ESCREO’s whiteboard paint. Additionally, you can turn the boring walls in the hallway into bulleting boards ideal for friendly notices, job hunting postings, and other fun ideas.

#2: Apply to almost any type of material and create unique writing spaces for your team with ESCREO’s transparent dry-erase paint.

Paint over kitchen cupboards and doors and give employees the opportunity to decorate, doodle, leave notes, announcements, write down daily tasks and targets. ESCREO’s transparent whiteboard paint is best for doors, desks, tables, and any furniture that has a smooth surface.

#3: Create a magnetic whiteboard board with ESCREO’s Magnito Paint and use for assignments.

ESCREO’s magnetic dry-erase paint is ideal for setting targets and task assignments. Use special magnets with the names or photos of your team members to assign them to specific tasks. Lay assignments in a table format or just doodle them quickly with a marker of choice.

#4: Paint over the ceilings to create memorable notes.

The ceiling is generally overlooked, no matter if it’s a domestic or corporate building. Yet, it’s one of the spaces that can make the most unexpected impact in an office renovation. People who work mainly on a computer or desk will often push their chairs backwards to rest their back while concentrating their eyes straight to the ceiling. This makes ceilings ideal writing space for monthly targets, company goals, and motos. Due to usually being hard to get to, the ceiling is best for notes that change over a longer period of time. Slant ceilings, on the other hand, are easily reachable and can be quickly turned into creative writing spaces with the help of ESCREO’s set of whiteboard paints.