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Now that we’ve covered some of the most popular and inventive ways to apply whiteboard paint in the office we’re excited to dive into the next chapter.

Dry-erase paint has many applications in the corporate world. Whiteboards have been used by companies for a wide range of purposes, including education, team collaboration, and even entertainment. This article will show you some of the best ways to apply your ESCREO whiteboard paint in day-to-day office activities.

Dry-Erase Painted Whiteboard Interactions for Team Meetings

The core idea of imaginative leadership is one that always seeks new ways to deliver. In this spirit, whiteboard paint has managed to challenge the old ways of team management by providing an innovative solution for collaboration during meetings.

Giving employees the freedom to express their ideas on a large borderless space can be a turning point in your management. When your team collaborates and interacts without boundaries this directly affects idea generation and productivity. Whiteboard paint can be successfully used during team meetings for discussing tactics, setting agendas, and proactively engaging teammates to improve team engagement.

The natural flow of a corporate meeting is usually one of a simple one-sided discussion. What interactive boards and whiteboard spaces do differently is challenge participants to express their own opinion, thus transforming the meeting into a constant collaboration of ideas. The ESCREO whiteboard paint can be applied during team meetings to encourage action, inspire creativity, and improve the overall team engagement and performance.


Benefits of using whiteboard painted spaces during office meetings:

  • Increase knowledge sharing
  • Give a better overview of current priorities
  • Improve team focus through the entire meeting
  • Clearly setting agendas and milestones
  • Having a better grasp of prevailing risks
  • Nurturing experience-sharing on pressing problems

Effectively Using Whiteboard Painted Spaces During Sales Presentations

According to Tim Riesteres, Chief strategy officer at Corporate visions, “Whiteboarding impacts the message development, the deployment of that message into an effective visual whiteboard, and the delivery skills necessary to bring that story to life.” His article on whiteboard methodology shares some incredible insights of using visual strategies in business communications. While usual meetings have a rather loose structure, the ones that are targeted on selling a particular product or idea to a prospective client has its many challenges.

Using whiteboard painted spaces during a presentation as an interactive way to engage clients has proved to be quite fruitful, despite the many unclarities in whiteboard presentation leading. Leading a whiteboard presentation is a still undeveloped business niche. And while many standup presentations today are still driven largely by ambiguous whiteboard etiquette rules rather than clearly set effective approaches, the use of whiteboards during sales meetings has a tremendous effect on building memorable experiences for participants.


Benefits of using whiteboard painted spaces for presentations:

  • Create memorable experiences
  • Better interaction with participants and viewers
  • Keep the focus on important key points
  • Use visuals to accent on certain ideas

Taking Advantage of Whiteboard Painted Spaces for Educational Purposes

According to Education World, whiteboards stimulate learning for students and the same goes for all educational programs, be it in class or at the office. Using visual content to increase focus and interactions will create a memorable experience for participants and engage them to take part in the process. Whiteboards are used for education for years and applying them to company training courses can help new employees get a better grasp of the material.

Aside from using your whiteboard painted space as an interactive board you can easily set mini whiteboards for all in-office course participants. The ESCREO whiteboard paint can be applied to a variety of places, such as desks, coffee tables, and even mugs. These can be used for taking notes, writing down key points and saving quick questions for later.


Using whiteboard paint for education in the office:

  • Create memorable lessons with the use of colorful dry-erase markers and symbols
  • Use magnets to stamp down important sheets and create visual effects
  • Allow freedom of interaction and increase participation with mini whiteboards

Applying Whiteboard Painted Spaces to Use for Team Buildings

Team buildings are a popular way for company employees from all hierarchy levels to interact and communicate after work hours. Cocktail parties, beach lounges, friendly sports matches, and competitive games are all great ways to engage team interactions out of the office. Budgeting these events, however, is an entirely different story.

Most startups can hardly make ends meet during the first few years and setting finances aside for entertainment purposes often proves to be impossible. Small and medium-size businesses are known for their inventive approaches to business scaling and the same rule applies to events planning and team buildings. Whiteboard painted spaces can be a quirky solution for team buildings that involve score tracking and memory games. Even painting with a full-spectrum set of dry-erase markers can be a way to bring teammates together and improve team engagement.


ESCREO’s eco dry-erase whiteboard paint can be ideal for:

  • Hosting whiteboard team building games and exercises
  • Creating stronger connections between teammates
  • Keeping score of ongoing friendly office competitions

At ESCREO we know people thrive in working environments that encourage open thinking and communication. Collaboration is critical to get different perspectives, ideas and unique problem-solving strategies. With this in mind, we’ve put together 7 whiteboard collaboration techniques that can help you say goodbye to the boredom in the boardroom.