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When our office phone rings, you can be sure – it’s either a new order coming or an Escreo client who has just discovered permanent marker stains on his/her whiteboard wall.

Each Escreo surface comes with a strong advice to exclude permanent markers from usage. Still, things happen and very often we recieve calls and e-mails from our clients struggling to remove marker stains from their dry erase board. Since you are reading this, apparently, you’ve just made the common mistake of using permanent marker on Escreo wall.

Worry not: you are about to get a few useful tips from our Product Development team!

Maintenance tips


It’s true that the permanent markers are our main enemies, a pain in the neck, a neighbor’s cat who is meowing all night long. Um, you got the idea, right? Our practical advice to those of you who are about to use a permanent marker on a dry erase wall is one of the following:

– Discard all permanent markers
– Lock them in a special safe with 8 digit PIN code
– Send them to a distant continent
– Donate them to your business competitor

If it’s has already happened

If it’s Google that brought your desperate search to this page, you’re lucky! We have pretty good experience in resolving such issues successfully. Here are a few tips for removing permanent marker stains from your whiteboard wall:

– Call us right away
– Don’t rub the stain with alcohol, varnish, bleach, Mr. Proper, Mr. Muscle and other “misters”
– Instead, try the deep cleansing spray first
– Call us, if you haven’t yet
– No, your mom doesn’t know how to remove such stains
– Yes, Google brought you here, but it cannot solve all your problems
– Call us. Now.
– Our phone is +44 773 689 6868

Now seriously

If you still feel confused, remember the most important thing: every case involving a permanent marker is treated differently. It all depends on how long ago the stain was left, the type of marker you used (permanent/flipchart/hybrid, brand and color, etc.), the surface condition, the measures you have already taken and a number of other factors.

At the end – fear not. Everything can be fixed. Just call us, did we mention that..?

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