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If home is where the heart is, then walls are where the fun is. Has it been a while since you refreshed your interiors? Are you feeling like things could be better organised? Are the kids getting a little bored with their activities and games? If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, maybe it’s time for something a little different – and that something is magnetic paint! 

Magnetic paint can transform your typical kitchen, living room, bedroom and more to make them completely different and a whole lot more fun. Let’s take a close look at what you can do with both our magnetic paint and our magnetic whiteboard paint.

What is magnetic paint?

Before we get into it, it’s probably a good idea to quickly outline what magnetic paint actually is. This will help you visualise the tips below and what you might do with your own walls. Well, magnetic paint is what it says on the tin! While it might look like any other kind of paint, it actually has magnetic properties that allow you to attach other magnetic objects to it, as if it was a metallic surface like a fridge.  

How does it work?

Magnetic paint is more or less like normal paint, except for the miniscule particles of iron (or other ferrous metals) that are mixed in it. Because of this iron, the paint becomes magnetic and attracts magnets with surprising ease. Although it’s simple to apply, please make sure to read the instructions when applying the magnetic paint to make sure that the metallic particles are evenly distributed throughout before applying.

Kids room with magnetic paint

What can you do with magnetic whiteboard paint?

There’s a whole lot you can do with magnetic whiteboard paint to transform your home. From fun and games through to organisation and beyond, here are a few ways you can use magnetic paint in different rooms.

Living room

The centrepiece of any home and gathering spot for families and guests, your living room is the perfect place for an area of magnetic paint. For instance:

  • Play games such as chess, tic-tac-toe, magnetic puzzles and more.
  • Leave welcome messages for guests and visitors, with the invitation for them to leave their own.
  • Hang up artworks such as children’s doodles, pictures and anything else that can brighten up the room.
  • Pin up movie night posters or schedules for special events, keep track of sports scores, write down match predictions and other fun ways to engage with what’s on the TV.


A great kitchen is more than a place to make food – it’s the engine of any home and therefore takes a lot of organisation to run smoothly. With magnetic paint, you can:

  • Pin up shopping lists that can be added to as everyday groceries run out.
  • Attach recipes and cooking ideas right next to the work surfaces to keep inspiration fresh and fun.
  • Vote on what the next meals should be.
  • Attach menus on what to expect in the coming week, giving people meals to look forward to.

Children’s bedrooms

A kid’s bedroom is their own special space and our magnetic writable walls allow them to decorate and explore their creativity, which is great for morale and cognitive development.

  • Decorate the walls with their artwork and doodles, encouraging them to be proud of their work.
  • Pinning up pictures, posters, poems and their favourite movie or story characters.
  • Magnetic games that they can play with friends when they visit.
  • Creating patterns with magnetised colours, which can be moved around and rearranged whenever wanted.

Home office

Home office is now more normal than ever, and odds are that most of us could do with a few more productivity tools. With magnetic paint you can:

  • Pin up important ‘to do’ lists to keep on top of important tasks.
  • Schedule and remind upcoming meetings.
  • Enjoy an area for you to stand up and brainstorm away from the computer screen.
  • Display pictures of family and friends to keep morale up.

Corridors and entrances

Both the entry and exit point of your home, the corridor can be enhanced when using magnetic paint:

  • Hang up hooks for keys so that they never get lost again.
  • Reduce clutter by hanging up hats and other light articles of clothing.
  • Display reminders of errands or wishes for a good day!
  • Show fun and welcoming messages for guests.

Pull it all together

Our magnetic paint has as many uses as you can think of! With no magnetic charge within, it’s completely safe to use around other electronics and is super easy to apply as well. If you have any ideas on how you’ve used your magnetic paint, let us know via our social channels or get in touch.

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