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Before Application

Make sure you have tape, 2 trays and 2 rollers.
Buy from a local store or check out our installation kit.

Measure and frame with tape

Ensure that the surface is smooth and even - lightly sand if necessary

Place the protecting cover sheet for floor & furniture

Put on gloves

1. Shake the primer for
1 minute

2. Open the Primer

3. Pull the save cap

4. Put it in tray 1

5. Use roller 1 to distribute primer evenly

6. Make sure there is no undistributed area

7. Wait 30 minutes​

8. Use roller 1 to distribute 2nd layer primer evenly

9. Wait 60 minutes

10. Open tin A with the tin opener

11. Open tin B

12. Pull the save cap

13. Mix B in A

14. Stir for 5 minutes with the
tin opener

15. Pour half of the liquid in
tray 2

16. Use roller 2 to distribute
paint evenly

17. Wait 45 minutes

18. Pour the other half of the liquid in tray 2

19. Use roller 2 to distribute
2nd layer paint evenly

All done

*Don't leave the paint mixed for more than 2 hours

After Application

Remove the tape

Open the windows if possible

Let it dry for 48h

Read and apply the Maintenance Guidelines

Video Instructions