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If you’re looking to upgrade the boardroom, classroom or even your home with a new whiteboard or similar whiteboard alternatives, then this article is for you. We love creative expression in all its forms, but when it comes to having the freedom to really let loose, functional walls will outclass the competition. But why should you use ESCREO functional paints in the first place? Which scenarios would benefit from it and why is it better than the competition? Answer to this and more, right here!

Why writable walls?

Transform your workspace into an infinitely erasable canvas, allowing people to fully explore their ideas. Make productivity stations everywhere, from your workplace walls and conference rooms right to your desk. 

Turn classrooms, creative spaces, activity rooms, and drawing rooms into wide and erasable study surfaces. This will allow instructors and students to interact, connect, and learn more quickly.

Transform your home’s walls into a reusable canvas on which you can completely explore your ideas. With writable whiteboard walls, you can think of art areas in kid’s rooms, shopping lists in the kitchen or bulletin boards near the front door. 

What are the whiteboard paint alternatives?

Creative exercises and brainstorming are nothing new. There are already a number of tried-and-true methods that people use in offices, schools and the home, such as:

  • Traditional whiteboards
  • Blackboards
  • Projectors
  • Flip charts
  • Bulletin boards

But, are they still the best options in today’s fast-moving and creative world?

How they stack up against writable paint

Whiteboards are a common sight in modern conference rooms and classrooms, and while they allow you to write and draw in a variety of colours, they do eventually run out of space. Unless you erase what’s on there, your diagrams, writing and doodles will soon be boxed up and competing for space. With writable paint, your canvas is as large as you want it to be – and just like normal whiteboards can use the same whiteboard markers for repeated use. This makes ESCREO paints the best alternative to whiteboards.

Blackboards are a little more old-school, but you’d be surprised at home much they are still being used – especially in education spaces. While using chalk is fun in its own way, all that dust will soon make its way onto clothes, in your eyes and even in your nose. Since whiteboard paint only needs regular whiteboard markers, cleaning up is super-simple, clean, and fast (read more details on whiteboard paint vs chalkboards). 

Projectors have the advantage of being able to push out video and multimedia content – but do come with their drawbacks. For any decent image, you’ll have to fork out a bunch of cash for the device itself, have electrical outlets and setting up a perfectly white wall space for the picture to land. While whiteboard paint can’t move, it’s just so much simpler for any presentations or lessons that don’t require animation or sound. 

Flipcharts can be a powerful brainstorming tool as they often include other people in the room for interaction and discussion. They also have the advantage of being mobile, with sheets can be ripped off and carried from room to room. However, the big downside is that using up all that paper is not particularly environmentally friendly – unlike our writable paint which is 100% carbon neutral!

Bulletin boards are a classic staple in schools, homes and the office – but once again can be a little old-fashioned. Plus, if you’re using the cork-based variety, you’ll need to use pins to attach your notices. It means that whatever you’re putting up will end up with tiny holes. And then there’s the issue of space. But, if you use our magnetic whiteboard paint instead, you’ll have no need to make holes in your items. And this, with as much wall space as you need.

ESCREO for the win

As with most things, it’s the overall benefits that win the game, and with ESCREO you get just that. Easy application, easy cleaning and good for the environment too!

Set your thoughts free 

When you use whiteboard paint, you don’t have to confine your thoughts to a certain location. By choosing between the many different surfaces in a room, you can make them writeable and drawable whenever inspiration strikes. This makes functional paint way more efficient and creative than the whiteboard paint alternatives.

Save the environment

From green invoicing, carbon-neutral production and our forestry project, using ESCREO doesn’t just help you express, produce and create – it helps the environment too. 

Enjoy the space

Make the most of the space around you. Anything is possible when the wall (and even the furniture surrounding you!) serves as your canvas. Huge graphs, lines, colours, sketches, schematics, and doodles come to mind. And, if you use magnetic whiteboard paint, you can pin down notices, pictures and just about anything else you can think of. So, there you have it. All creative and productivity tools have their pros and cons, but with ESCREO functional paint you’ll be seeing a lot more of the benefits. Go ahead and choose from classic whiteboard paint, or if you prefer to keep the original colour underneath our clear whiteboard paint is the one to try. And, of course our magnetic writable walls option is also there for fuss-free pinning. Until next time, happy creating!