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Writing on the wall… with Alexandra Mechkova from Telerik Academy


We continue with our favorite series ‘Writing on the wall…’, where we talk about the Escreo walls or rather about the people next to them. With this material, we aim to introduce to you our clients’ and partners’ activities and ambitions, as well as to show you various and specific applications of Escreo in an office environment. Today we’re interviewing Alexandra Mechkova – sales, marketing and partnership manager at Telerik Academy.


1. How would you describe Telerik Academy in 1 tweet (140 characters)?

The place in Bulgaria that develops top software specialists and introduces them to companies looking for their talent.


2. How does a marketing professional’s day take off?

It takes off more than once a day by checking my e-mail, which goes on in the office as well. At this point our focus here in Telerik Academy is launching new programs and developing our partnership network, so having conversations and meetings on those topics is mandatory for each day.


3. Which part of your work brings you most pleasure?

I feel most thrilled when in the process of building a new strategy for a big upcoming project (from rebranding to events or campaigns) and the day when it finally happens is when the adrenaline takes away all that fatigue from the last days of preparation. The moment when all objectives and tasks we’d set are achieved in the best possible way.


Shared success is sweeter
Success is sweeter when shared


4. What’s the one thing a brand can’t live without?

First and foremost – a cohesive, inspirational story that everyone wants to be part of. The good brand has a lot of spirit and life stored inside. It’s genuine and authentic, lacks false claims, and (of course) everything in it and its presentation is really beautiful.


5. What is the secret behind having a creative team?

While the teams I work with directly require a huge amount of creativity, I do not think I can comment on a real creative team. I can share what qualities and factors, in my opinion, make the team I work in is successful. It includes letting go of your ego, being serious about your projects and tasks, but also having fun in the process. And always look for a way to realize our campaigns so that they meet the brand vision and exceed the expectations of the audience.


6. What words would you share on the wall?

Much of the new strategy and history of Telerik Academy has passed and is passing through our walls, painted with Escreo. So the most appropriate thing seems to be: History in the making.