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Choose the way to the future!

Еscreo not only encourages free and easy communication but also helps you work more effectively with your colleagues.

The comparison with the Whiteboard is natural, but the innovative Escreo paint is created with one purpose – to become the whiteboard of a new generation.

This material aims to demonstrate and prove our benefits towards the traditional whiteboard.

We begin with Number 1 of the series

Whiteboard vs Escreo
Whiteboard vs Escreo

To be adaptive and flexible in the ХХI century is necessary for one’s character in order to survive and feel good among other people. These qualities are just as important and relevant when tested in the workplace.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small or spacious office at your disposal, but you always have to keep in mind how you can re-design and optimize the space around you. The aspects are various – from furniture arrangement, through creating rooms and hubs for different activities and their specific coloring, to combining the whole place with technical and not so technical elements, which help the overall workflow.

Imagine a conference room – the whiteboard is the usual item there. It’s important to challenge our habits, though and ask ourselves the following questions: What does the whiteboard give to us?

The handbook of a whiteboard:


  • A place for writing and drawing
  • Standard sizes – height and width in a rectangle form
  • It’s placed on a wall
  • It occupies a specific space

What does Escreo offer you?

  • In reality creates unlimited space for writing and drawing
  • You have the freedom to choose the size of the Escreo surface
  • You have the possibility to use your space in the most functional way – the spontaneous ideas do matter

The pillar in the center of the room is not only а supporting structure but a place where you can leave notes for your colleagues and draw funny messages.

Make the essential accounts right there on the table, where you sit with your team – write directly on the table.

  • Optimize up to 99% of the surfaces in your office
  • The corners are no longer the black hole for ideas. The electrical plugs are not an obstacle
  • Escreo creates attractive surfaces for all occupants of the workplace
  • Multifunctionality – we combine all requirements of the modern and functional interior design
  • Escreo encourages more effective communication between employees
  • And last but not least – choose the Bulgarian product

In order to achieve the equilibrium between flexibility and optimization at the workplace, giants like Forbes support us with tips on how to think outside the box. Be open for new suggestions from colleagues, make your own rules. Escreo will take part in every way possible, so that you can express and share them. We will be your teammates on the way to success through creativity.

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