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Today, visual learning has been recognised as the easiest way the human mind can perceive information. The more technology is developing, the more people get drawn towards the screens. While tech devices have a definite advantage in providing a highly interactive way of introducing ideas, there are also quite a few drawbacks that deserve to be called out. Sometimes it’s just best to use a whiteboard wall instead.

People’s attention span is a precious, yet highly unstable. This fact has been well known by marketing experts and media for a long time and has been adapted to serve the industry. The addition of moving pictures to the digital scene not only draws the viewer’s attention but creates a loophole that’s quite hard to get out of.

But what if there was a better way – one that facilitates learning without overflowing the brain with multiple layers of visual information? What if we told you that going back to the basics can be motivational, eye-opening and even incredibly fun?

Improving Education Through Whiteboard Paint

Allowing students to freely write and draw on the walls was a winning move for Sofia’s 125th Middle School “Boyan Penev”. Let’s take a closer look.

When we think of a classroom we usually imagine a narrow space with a teacher podium and a wall-hung writing board. The whole attention is drawn to the front centre of the room towards a confined writing space. The teacher-student conversation is a one-sided one where students often feel pressure and inability to respond when asked to step in front of the whole class. Who likes being tested before the judging eyes of a whole room of people, anyway? Teachers understood this problem and decided to take action.

Driven by the idea to bring learning closer to students, teachers from the 125th Middle School “Boyan Penev” in Bulgaria have reimagined the typical classroom with the help of a product that the local eco-focused startup ESCREO has developed especially with children in mind. The school added a clear dry-erase writing space to one of the side walls of a classroom. What happened after that turned their whole teaching system upside down.

In an interview Yulia Dushkova shares with BNT that mathematics suddenly stopped scaring the students. Instead, they were eager to take turns on the new writing space. This is just one of the many cases where whiteboard paint has challenged the old ways of education.

Providing a Toxic-Free Class Environment With ESCREO’s Eco Whiteboard Paint

What about dust-free classrooms? When children’s health is at stake, the risks become even higher. Providing a toxic-free environment for students is a goal that modern school systems throughout the world are working hard to achieve. Ditching the dusty chalkboards is one way to do it but it is definitely not enough. ESCREO’s unique water-based whiteboard paint has reimagined whiteboards both in the business and the education sectors.

The EU’s recent move to ban single-use plastics has raised another question that needs to be addressed. Are dry-erase markers and plastic whiteboards really that safe to use? They might not harm students’ health directly but what message does their use send to young children?

Teaching the new generation about the devastating consequences of air pollution and toxic waste is maybe the most important lesson out there. Without clean water and food, humanity’s is doomed. But even more horrifyingly – the existence of nature itself is at stake.

ESCREO understand the importance of this message and works hards to convey it by developing products for schools, businesses, and parents that are easy to recycle and contain no toxic waste. What ESCREO’s whiteboard paint aims to achieve is to provide students and teachers the freedom to express ideas and messages on a clean space, free of borders and limitations. A safe space for learning and discovery for children and people of all age where health and nature preservation come hand-in-hand with convenience, ease of access, and affordability.

Takeaways: Benefits of Whiteboard Paint at Schools

In this article, we shared some of the most valuable lessons on how the education system can be reimagined with the help of innovative and conscious products like ESCREO’s whiteboard paint and dry-erase recyclable markers. Switching the whiteboards and chalkboards with eco dry-erase painted walls that are free of boundaries has challenged the education system and created a safe space for students to expand their knowledge. To wrap things up, here’s a list of the benefits of adopting whiteboard paint in schools:

  • Walls painted with eco whiteboard paint bring more engagement in class and helps students raise their grades
  • The adoption of dry-erase paint by schools allow students more freedom to express their ideas, learn and collaborate on a space with no boundaries
  • ESCREO’s eco whiteboard paint and recyclable markers make learning fun and safe for the environment

We’ve made our best to help children grow in a safe environment where visual learning engages and educated young people in an entertaining and engaging way. Now, the ball is in your hands. Are you ready to make your move and change your school, home or business for the greater good?