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Being productive in the workplace isn’t how it used to be. In the old days of business, creative thinking was reserved for particular people in specific ways. But that was then, and this is now. Today, creative thinking is not just preferred but encouraged as well. In fact, most global CEOs now think that creativity is the #1 factor for future success, according to data giants, IBM.

No matter what industry you’re in, opening your mind to find new solutions to old problems is a real skill. However, thinking creatively comes more easily to some than others. So, if you or your team find it hard to break into productive idea generation, you just might be using the wrong methods.

How good are the ‘normal’ ways?

With 75% of professionals not feeling like they are reaching their creative potential, something needs to change. Let’s take a look at some of the more common creativity tools, and then what we believe is the best one of all. Each method will be scored in three different ways:

Creative scope – Is it large? Can we draw and use different colours? What are the limitations?

Mobility – Can the workshop output be easily shared or moved?

Fun – Are people likely to engage with this


Classic, classy and easy to use. Whiteboards are a fixture for most modern meeting rooms, and while they let you write and draw in different colours, they are a little limited in space. Once every inch is filled with ideas, writing will start to cram on the sides, and creative scope drops like a rock.

Creative scope – 7/10. Plenty of opportunity to use differently-coloured markers and diagrams.

Mobility – 4/10. Unless you take a picture of the board, the content isn’t going anywhere.

Fun – 7/10. People like drawing and writing on whiteboards, and there is good creative potential.

Total: 6/10.

Here’s a more in-depth look at how whiteboards compare to ESCREO paint.


Flipcharts are pretty great to draw and write on. They feel like something ‘brainstormy’ is happening and can help people unlock a new way of thinking. Another benefit is that they are mobile, meaning that you can take your ideas with you. However, all that paper isn’t particularly environmental, and trying to find an idea five sheets down isn’t all that fun.

Creative scope – 7/10/. Something about writing on paper encourages more free expression.

Mobility – 8/10. You can pick up the chart and take it from room to room.

Fun – 4/10. Flipping pages to find that one cool idea takes away spontaneity.

Total: 6/10.

Post-it notes

Now, we love Post-its, so don’t get us wrong. From leaving fun little notes and drawings on a colleague’s desk through to labelling your precious lunch, they are super useful in so many ways: but when it comes to creative workshops and thinking, they are just a little bit… Small. Unless you stick 100’s of them together, you’re not going to getting any big ideas across.

Creative scope – 5/10/. Small spaces don’t leave much room for big ideas.

Mobility – 6/10. You can stick these anywhere, or remove them to pass around.

Fun – 5/10. You can physically arrange your notes in fun ways, but writing / drawing on them is a little tedious.

Total: 5.5/10.

Normal wallpaper

Writing on the wallpaper is probably one of the last resorts you can take, and if you really need to do it, then it’s time to get an alternative. It might feel fun and rebellious at first, but before long, you’ll wish you hadn’t done it. Not the best idea.

Creative scope – 5/10/. Different surfaces and air pockets underneath the wallpaper will make it difficult to draw or write properly.

Mobility – 2/10. Other than taking a picture of the work, it’s not going anywhere else.

Fun – 3/10. Writing on the wall may be fun, but cleaning up definitely isn’t.

Total: 3/10.

ESCREO Whiteboard Paint

Just write on the whiteboard paint instead

Like most things, it’s a combination of benefits that wins the game: And that’s what you get with ESCREO writeable paint. As well as the fun and room to write on large wall-spaces, you’ll be able to wipe it off afterwards with no problem at all.

With ECREO whiteboard paint in your office, you can:

Set your ideas free

With whiteboard paint, you don’t have to keep your ideas locked in a specific room. You can select different parts of all rooms and transform them into writeable and drawable spaces. That way, when inspiration hits, you can get it down right there. Also, when other teams see how yours is working they will get inspired to do the same.

Save the environment

Flipcharts, notepads and post-its are handy, but all that paper does start to add up. Even if you’re recycling, it’s generally better to explore paperless options. With whiteboard paint, the wall is your paper, and can be used again and again.

Enjoy the space

With so much available space for brainstorming, ideas will flow thick and fast. Think huge charts, lines, colours, drawings, diagrams and doodles. When the wall (and even the furniture around you!) is your canvas, anything is possible. And, if you use magnetic whiteboard paint you can pin down anything else that you need to get the point across. 

We’ve got your back

By using ESCREO whiteboard paint, you don’t only become a customer, but a partner as well. That means you can reach out to us anytime you need help with anything, and can take advantage of our dedicated customer service. Flipcharts come and go, but when you’re with us, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best support possible.

Which one is more productive?

So the final question needs to be which of these solutions are better at boosting office creativity and productivity. Which one is more productive? Whiteboard vs Flip chart vs Whiteboard Wall Paint? Based on the metrics we used to evaluate other solutions, and thanks to the amazing feedback we’ve received from hundreds of happy innovators, it’s easy to understand that ESCREO’s solution will provide the biggest boost to your office productivity and creativity.

ESCREO is the way to go

Most businesses love the idea of writeable walls but often think they are a real hassle to install: but that’s not true! ESCREO paint is super-affordable, easy to apply, and a breeze to clean. As long as you’ve got a wall, you’re already halfway there.

If you want to create a more open, fun and idea-driven workplace, ESCREO is all you need. You can choose from classic whiteboard paint, or if you prefer to keep the original colour underneath, go ahead and use our clear whiteboard paint instead. And, if you’re a fan of magnets, you can even use our magnetic option. Whatever works for you, we have it.

Work doesn’t need to feel like work all the time. Hopefully, you’ll agree that ESCREO is the key that unlocks new ways of thinking. If you (like the rest of us) spend a lot of time working from home, why not check out our article on how to focus in your home office. And, when things get back to normal, here’s some advice on encouraging collaboration to get back into the swing of things.