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Make the dream work with these whiteboard paint teamwork ideas

improve teamwork with 11 whiteboard paint ideas

While the last few years have seen many of us work from home, things are somewhat returning to normality – meaning that we are also returning to the office. However, odds are that you and your colleagues are a little out of sync after collaborating on video-sharing software instead of being in the same room. Well, with the right tools, and with these great whiteboard paint ideas below, getting back into the groove doesn’t have to be difficult. One of the best tools you can use to bring a group together is whiteboard paint, which allows for creativity and collaboration with minimal hassle and fuss. Let’s see how.

Team building with whiteboard paint

Team buildings are an important part of any office life, and whiteboard paint can certainly make such activities even more fun. With team building, employees from all parts of the office can come together, enjoy, and get to know each other better. Here are a few whiteboard paint ideas for teambuilding:

Fake Shark Tank – A game where teams can brainstorm and present hypothetical new ideas or products that can improve the company’s offering. Then, pitches are then presented to judges to decide on the ultimate winner.

Quizzes – Such as good old fashion pub-quiz style games with a prize at the end for the winning team. Ideal after a long day at work with some pizza and beers!

Games and fun – Hangman, Pictionary, tic tac toe; take your pick. With whiteboard paint, you can play any games you would on paper, but with a much larger space.

For more inspiration, check out our article on whiteboard paint team building games.


Of course, dry-erase whiteboard paint is a fantastic productivity tool. By using a larger space with more collaboration potential, meetings and work-related activities can be made more engaging and constructive. For example:

Sales presentations – Have a client pitch coming up? A meeting with partners? Talking through a presentation with whiteboard paint on the wall will not only impress but is certain to hold attention more than a flipchart ever could.

Company-wide meetings – If you’re having many people in the same room, you’ll need the proper space to get information across. By using whiteboard paint, you can update your colleagues on company goings-on more efficiently.

Flowcharts and schedules – Never lose track of a deadline or meeting again! Whiteboard paint will allow managers and teams to leave important reminders and schedules for ultimate collaboration in real-time.

Whiteboard paint ideas to improve creativity

Whiteboard paint is amazing for productivity but also acts as a strong creative tool. There’s just something about writing on a surface that’s not a flipchart or paper that really gets the ideas flowing.

Brainstorming and free-thinking sessions – If you need to come up with some new concepts or creative approaches, there’s no better way than to do it in a group, on a wall. Use colours, shapes and charts to explore new ideas, together.

Fun ways to leave notes and reminders – It’s good to have a little fun in the workplace. If you need to chase someone for a piece of work, or just want to congratulate them on a job well done, there’s no better place than on the wall!

Just a way to blow off steam and take a break – Sometimes, workdays can be tough. If anyone is having a stressful time, whiteboard paint will give them the outlet to take a break. Go nuts, draw whatever pops in your head, scribble, doodle and temporarily separate your mind from the task at hand.


The vibe of the workplace can have a strong impact on collaboration. A closed-off and sterile office will make people feel less likely to be open, while a fun and colourful one will have more energy. Whiteboard paint can really help create that energy. Here you have some ideas on how to use whiteboard paint to achieve this:

Paint anywhere – Kitchen cupboards, desks, columns and even ceilings: everything can be a surface for creativity and collaboration.

Communicate differently – Giant daily welcome messages for colleagues to see as they enter the office for the first time that day. Poetry, quotes, jokes – anything to get a smile in the morning.

ESCREO whiteboard paint has you covered

All of the above is possible with ESCREO whiteboard paint, which lets you paint walls and many other surfaces in your workplace, home office, school and co-working spaces and more. It works just like a regular whiteboard, letting you use markers of all colours before wiping off and using again. 

Installation is easier than you think, and once you’ve finished up you have a long-term solution for office collaboration, and the number of whiteboard paint ideas to boost your office teamwork is huge. Whiteboard paint is perfect for managers who want their whiteboard wall to effortlessly fit in with the rest of the business with a classic and neutral look. For the full rundown, check out our range of whiteboard paints.

Why not just use normal whiteboards?

Modern conference rooms and schools usually have traditional whiteboards, and while they let you write and draw in a range of colours, they ultimately run out of space. Your schematics, writing, and doodling will soon be boxed up and vying for space unless you wipe away what’s already there. Your canvas may be as big as you want it to be using writable paint, and just like regular whiteboards, you can use the same whiteboard markers repeatedly. And then there’s the environmental aspect – if you depend on flipcharts, just think of all the paper you’ll save.

Because of this, ESCREO writable paints are the perfect whiteboard substitute. And, if you don’t want your walls to be white and would rather keep the colours underneath, ESCREO clear whiteboard paint is the option for you.

What else can you get from ESCREO?

One of the best things about whiteboard paint is that there are a range of different options that you can use, depending on what you want, and the environment it’s going in. We’ve already talked about our classic whiteboard paint and clear whiteboard paint. But, did you know that you can also get magnetic whiteboard paint which lets you write and draw as normal, with the added bonus of being able to attach magnetic objects too? For the full list, go ahead and check out the whiteboard paints page and take your pick! And, for more inspiration, visit our blog.