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One of the unique qualities of ESCREO’s whiteboard paint, aside from using it as a fully-functional drawing and magnetic board, is its ability to cover a wide range of surfaces. Covering the walls is only one of the many ways we see our product being applied by our happy customers. Since ESCREO is all about providing a flexible environment for idea generation, its range of products is made to tailor the needs of people using it, however odd these ideas might seem.

Best Office Applications for a Whiteboard Paint

In fact, ESCREO has been created especially with covering odd places in mind. Why is that? Creativity is an untamed force which loses its shine when confined in a single source of expression. Knowing this, we made our products to fit any space and surface, thus expanding the boundaries of office creativity to a maximum. In this piece, we’ve gathered a few of the most obvious and some of the oddest, yet most striking places where ESCREO whiteboard wall paint can be applied.

What materials can you cover with a whiteboard dry erase paint?

If you’re looking for ideas about where to use the ESCREO Whiteboard Paint in the office, here’s a full list of surfaces and materials that can be covered with dry-erase paint products. Our whiteboard paint is great for wood, glass, metal, ceramic, melamine, porcelain, chalkboard, steel, cement, tiles, plastic. Did we miss something? Just give our team a call and ask away.

Now that we have this covered, let’s see which are the best places you can apply your whiteboard paint on.

ESCREO + Walls

escreo wall

Most interior solutions decorate walls with paintings, illustrations, panels or other accent pieces – ESCREO covers walls with ideas.

Starting with the walls, there are plenty of ways in which you can apply the ESCREO dry erase wall paint to your office interior, and if you’re looking for that special wow factor, we recommend our magnetic dry erase paint, which also allows you to unleash your creativity by attaching notes as well as writing on your walls. Completely covering the walls gives employees the freedom to fluently express their ideas without having to search for a pen, a paper, and then losing those in the enormous pile of printed material that’s being accumulated by companies each day.

When we talk walls, we don’t mean only covering that blank boring wall that keeps staring at you during the long and tedious meetings. We mean ALL types of walls. Think ceilings, columns, slant ceiling walls, hallways, cubicles, and meeting room dividers. Almost anything, really, that stands between you and your ideas.

Now, imagine those covered with writing and doodles. ESCREO’s dry-erase paint makes them feel alive, while also being easily cleanable. So whenever you feel like it, you can wipe off the old stuff and start with a clean slate. Sounds rejuvenating, doesn’t it?

For those of you who’d like to get the list – here it is.

Ideas for Whiteboard Paint Application In The Office:

  • Ceilings & Slant Walls – When thinking, most people direct their sight to the ceiling. So it’s a great place to place inspirational quotes, fun reminders, to-dos and so on. While in most rooms the ceiling is hard to reach, some slant ceiling walls might provide a neat space for idea generation.
  • Plastic & Glass Room Dividers– Open space plans are popular for office buildings but they usually create the need for temporary room dividers. Use them wisely and transform them into a colourful magnetic board that acts as a centrepiece as well as a space for idea generation directly on the wall.
  • Columns – Dead space or centrepiece? You decide? Columns are equally hated and adored for being always on the way, yet still ideal for a centrepiece or an accent wall. Use them wisely and make them a place your employees can express their ideas freely.
  • Hallways – A high-traffic area in the office with lots of blank walls ideal for your next whiteboard space. Great for monthly targets, calendar checklists, and many more.
  • Cubicles – Replace the sticky notes with a free space for writing ideas, taking notes or just doodling.

ESCREO + Furniture

Do you remember those huge planners that combine space for writing down meeting hours, daily tasks, monthly targets, things to remember, phone numbers of important clients, and so on? It’s handy but it takes up a lot of space. The whiteboard paint can give a much better solution for this.

As we previously mentioned, ESCREO’s whiteboard paint can be used to cover almost any type of smooth surface. This means you can write your thoughts directly on the desk, per say. The list of surfaces also includes drawers, cupboard doors, that ugly fridge in the office kitchenette, even your coffee mug or mouse pad, among many others. The possibilities are endless. You can keep your original furniture design, simply by applying our clear whiteboard paint.

You just need a clean smooth surface, and you’re ready to paint. Did we mention we also provide you with all the materials and guidelines needed for you to apply the paint all by yourself? Just one of the many perks of the ESCREO product line.

So, let’s jot those down and make a neat list.

escreo whiteboard paint

Places To Apply Your Whiteboard Dry Erase Paint:

  • Desks – You hate piling up sticky notes on your desk? So do we! Just write down those To-Dos on your desk.
  • Tables – Having a crazy brainstorm with a friend during lunch? Your coffee table can be your new whiteboard.
  • Cupboards – You left your tuna sandwich in the fridge and want to leave a “Do Not Touch” note to it? Just write it on the kitchen cupboard doors with a bright and bold red marker. It won’t go unseen now.
  • Chalkboards – Get all the glam without the nasty chalk dust. Paint your chalkboard wall with a transparent dry-erase paint and draw along.
  • Doors – Draw a “Do Not Enter” sign while in a meeting or just express your inner creativeness on the door. Whatever suits you best.
  • Coffee mugs – Marketing calls you during a coffee break with a super important message? No worries, have a sip and write your notes on your cuppa coffee.


In a place where walls turn into projection screens, desks turn into planners, and coffee mug notepads revolutionize productivity, creativity has no boundaries. We’ve shared with you some of the best ways in which you can apply the ESCREO whiteboard paint, our magnetic dry erase paint and the clear/transparent paint version. It’s up to you to decide what works best for you and your team.