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We’re living in a fast changing world. All around the globe, life becomes more busy, we have less time and a lot to do. New times require new approaches and creativity is one of them. Creative approaches provide competitive advantages and often simply save you time and money. That’s why more and more businesses seek to stimulate their employees to be more creative. This is where creativity rooms come.

Before introducing every existing tool for creativity boost, consider what your employees really need. Whether it’s a separate room for brainstorming, meditation spots, or brighter wall colors, it all depends on your team dynamics. So start with defining your team members’ needs.

Collaboration Place

Two heads are better than one. So always leave the doors of the collaborative rooms open. Aside from a conference room, define small places for spontaneous chit-chat. It can be a walk-through room with a coffee machine or water dispenser. Paint the walls in stimulating colors like yellow, red or purple, play fast-paced music and offer at least a few board games. Use your Escreo walls to provoke your colleagues and employees with various riddles and visual puzzles.

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Places for Focus

Sometimes creativity is about being alone. Separate spaces dedicated to individual work are just as important as rooms for team meetings. They’re are essential for shared workspaces and large offices with too many distraction triggers. Move such “focus” rooms away from the street noise, avoid direct sunlight and choose muted tones for your walls. Escreo walls are perfect for “mind maps”, process development and project planning. Make sure your “focus” room is noiseless and minimize the chance of being interrupted by a colleague.

Just Do It

Designing a creative office space is a task tougher than you think. Still, it’s in your power to make your workplace a “happy-to-be-here” place and “free-to-create” place. Supporting your employees in their creativity will surely pay you back. Start from something small, like adding a colorful dry erase wall or buy an aquarium with a few funny fishes. With little effort, we guarantee that you will create an office that works for you!

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