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Escreo is a paint that can turn almost every smooth surface into a whiteboard – a space for sharing ideas and collaboration. The transformation goes far beyond walls. We also turn office desks, chairs, doors, cardboards, and other objects into a writing surface. Our whiteboard paint works with various surface types, like metal, glass and what not. One thing to remember: we recommend using the Escreo Primer, if you’ll be applying Escreo on a colored or textured surface.

Why Do You Need a Primer

The primer acts as a bond between the Escreo paint and your surface. It evens out the surface, increases the paint durability, and makes the color more opaque. When you start with a primer, the Escreo paint won’t be absorbed by the wall or the object you paint. Sounds cool, right?

Shortly, thanks to the primer, you’ll have a first-class Escreo experience.

How to Apply It

In the usual case of applying Escreo, you apply two layers of the primer right before the whiteboard paint. The drying time varies between 20 minutes and 1 hour, depending on room ventilation and atmospheric conditions. If you want to speed up the process, you can open the windows and doors, run a fan or air conditioner. Once the second coat is dry, your surface is ready for Escreo paint.

The second case when you may need a primer is applying Escreo Magnito. After you put the metal paint, your surface will get gray-ish and that’s when you apply two layers of the primer – right before painting with Escreo.

Types of primer

The Escreo Primer is water-based and comes in white and clear color. It works fine the most of the standard painting cases. So if you want to turn a yellow wall into a whiteboard with Escreo, just add two layers of our clear primer (you can order it here).

You’ll also need our primer, if you’re painting on wood. A good primer for wood surfaces preserves the original color, provides sufficient adhesion and reduces the cost of painting with Escreo. Other types of primer that you may need are those for metal and glass (glazed) surfaces, etc. It all depends on an object you plan to turn into a whiteboard.

Creative home office with ESCREO

It’s important to know that a primer is a small but very reasonable investment in turning your surface into a whiteboard of a new generation.