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There are dozens, if not hundreds, of programs to help you organize your workflow better. And they are just two clicks away. But no matter how comfortable and practical they are, sometimes we want to give our eyes some rest. Or simply return to the “old” methods of recording things on paper. Although we at Escreo always preferred walls. For the past year we helped you write, create and express yourselves through our magical paint. But also helped you better organize your office work, turning everyday tasks into a shared process. And then we asked ourselves – how can we assist you even further?

You are already familiar with our special PVC foil frames which complete the looks of your Escreo wall. Some of you even equipped themselves with unique frames that express their corporate identity even more. Today we offer to your attention a number of practical ideas for their use. Why not impose a framework as a calendar on which everyone in office can write? So everyday tasks are always in front of you without risking any of them to roll forgotten under the days past. Don’t think we forgot about the group engagements. Simple separation of categories like “to do”, “doing” and “done” turns your writing wall into an indispensable element of future projects’ preparation.


Create a calendar on the wall
Calendar on the wall

Our proposals don’t end here. In just a few minutes you can create a sample schedule on which to track the progress of your future projects. Fill criteria at will, without having to draw them anew every time. Dividing it into departments also holds potential. Besides helping you to keep track of the current tasks in real time, sharing your progress data provides an opportunity for everyone to get acquainted with your work and help its implementation with one idea at a time. Who could have guessed that someone from sales will think of an original idea to help the design team with?


Task list on the wall
Complete tasks faster on the wall

You have better ideas? We will be happy if you share them with us. After all, helping people share ideas has always been one of Escreo’s main missions.