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Transform Your Home and Office with ESCREO’s Transparent Whiteboard Paint


There’s so much more to using whiteboard paint than covering walls. Whiteboard paint can be applied to a wide range of surfaces and items. Desks, doors, coffee mugs, and glass areas are only a small part of the many applications we’ve seen over the years at ESCREO. Today, we want to show you some of the incredible uses of transparent whiteboard paint and share you few secrets on how to make your home and office better with a see-through whiteboard paint that keeps the original look of the surfaces.

ESCREO’s transparent whiteboard paint has many applications, both at home and the office. What’s great about the transparent dry-erase paint is that it provides a clear, smooth surface for writing while keeping the original colour. As an addition, it’s incredibly easy to apply, use, and clean, and it’s completely toxin-free.

Benefits of ESCREO’s Transparent Whiteboard Paint

  • Transparent: Keeps the original colour of the wall or objects you’ve painted
  • Quick to apply: Takes only 2 hours to paint and just 3 days to write.
  • Eco-friendly: Water-based formula with low VOC.
  • Durable: Lasts more than you can hope for.
  • Easy application: Comes with a full application kit and instructions

Ideas on Using a Clear Writable Paint at Home, School, and the Office

The clear whiteboard paint has some amazing qualities that make it an ideal choice for commercial and domestic interiors. Here are some creative ideas on how you can adapt the transparent whiteboard paint to your interior, be it a kid’s room, a classroom, or a sophisticated restaurant.

Create a Traditional Chalkboard Wall For the Modern Interior With a Transparent Whiteboard Paint

Enjoy the convenience and beauty of a traditionally looking chalkboard wall without baring the consequences of having to deal with dust and other airborne irritants.

Starting originally as a writing space in schools and universities, the chalkboard has become a symbol of traditionalism. Over the years, the chalkboard as we know it changed its original purpose and transformed into an accent piece. Ever since, chalkboards have been applied in rustic and eclectic interiors, homes and commercial places.

Great for: Restaurants, Diners, Offices, Community Centers, Kitchen areas, Kid’s room

Once you’ve painted your wall in black, you can easily turn it into a writing space with the help of ESCREO’s transparent whiteboard paint. The dry-erase chalkboard wall is ideal for both domestic and commercial interiors. In restaurants, walls covered in transparent whiteboard paint are conveniently used to showcase current promotions, special offers, menu items, and even lure in customers with attractive illustrations. At the modern home, chalkboard walls are a lovely addition to the interior of the kitchen area and the kid’s room where family members can leave notes, draw, synch schedules, create checklists, and more.

Revamp Your Furniture With ESCREO’S Transparent Whiteboard Paint

Transform any smooth surface on your furniture into a creative board and save surfaces form wearing with the help of a transparent whiteboard paint.

One of the amazing qualities of ESCREO’s transparent whiteboard paint is its ability to protect the surface it’s applied to.

Yes, that’s right. As an addition to making the surface a space for writing, the transparent coating will give your furniture a protective layer that will keep stains at bay.

This means you no longer have to worry about the scratches that your desk chair will leave on the nearby wall. Nor will your brilliant-white walls will be spoiled by finger marks and oily stains left near light switches. High traffic areas on the wall, like electricity sockets, light switches, or the area around wall-mounted paper towel holders can be saved from smears and dirty marks with the help of ESCREO’s transparent whiteboard paint.

The paint makes cleaning liquid stains easy as pie. So you can put your spare paint to use and avoid repainting. The paint can be applied to cabinet doors, walls, and almost any smooth surface, including wood and MDF. With the help of the transparent whiteboard paint, these surfaces will turn into a creative space for writing, doodling, and leaving notes.

Ideas For Using Clear Paint on Your Furniture

  • Save surfaces from wearing by applying a thin layer of whiteboard paint.
  • Turn the smooth surfaces of your furniture into writing space.

Create Ready-to-Go Excercise Areas For Students With a Transparent Whiteboard Paint

Create student exercise areas with transparent dry-erase paint where knowledge can be used for collaboration and entertainment during class.

Whiteboard paint is excellent for schools and universities that want to go green and provide students the freedom to express their ideas and knowledge without limitations. And there is an even better way to use whiteboard paint. With the help of transparent whiteboard paint, schools can create premade exercise areas on the wall or desks where students can write in their answers and then compare with the class. Think of it as a visual exercise notebook in a large format that allows easy collaboration with classmates and teachers.

The transparent whiteboard paint is great for covering geography and history maps at school. It can also be used to cover write-in exercised printed out in a large format.


The transparent whiteboard paint is a great addition to the interior of homes, offices, and schools where any surface can be transformed into a convenient area for writing. Make sure to check out these articles for more amazing ideas and tips:

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