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What feels better than being able to write all your thoughts on your wall without any permanent consequences? Being able to attach every important document or note without any drilling, push pins, holes on the paper or tape… The answer is ESCREO Magnito the brand new magnetic whiteboard paint.

This awesome addition to the ESCREO family consists of one-component metal-based paint that you apply right before our whiteboard paint. Magnito provides a solid base layer for our neodymium magnets and it’s perfect for:

  • Your office walls – for more creative space
  • Children’s room – to play hangman on the wall
  • Classrooms – for more effective learning
  • Hospitals – to easily fit huge schedules

The best part is that it comes in every possible colour, shape and size. Just like our regular ESCREO.

Having a magnetic board in the office or at home is an amazing upgrade for your daily tasks. It also fits every project management style. You can create ‘to do’ lists, calendars, SCRUM, schedules or delegate tasks in a new way. You can make it a part of your home using it as a visual inspiration board. The choice is yours and the options are endless.

Черно магнитно Escreo

ESCREO Magnito in the Office

They say it’s easy to get used to the good stuff. The same applies to Magnito. It gives you a space that inspires to be more creative. Besides, it provides the desired freedom to move things around. We love sticky notes but don’t they become too many at some point? ESCREO  keeps everything important on your walls – a huge space that’s often ignored. Our whiteboard paint transforms a static wall into a canvas for new ideas, collaboration and inspiration. The ESCREO wall is always at hand, super easy to use and personalise or share.

ESCREO Magnito at Home

Think of the magnetic board at home as your mini control centre. Having your shopping lists, bills, and important notes to your family on the wall is a super easy way of staying on top of your tasks. You can also use ESCREO Magnito to bring some visual inspiration to your living room. Stick your Polaroid pictures, magazine pages, drawings and creative pieces to your wall to boost your creativity. Children will love the creative freedom that ESCREO brings to their rooms. Imagine never having to google “How to clean marker stains from the wall” or wondering where to store all of your child’s colourful masterpieces.

Childs room magnetic board

Undo the Taboo

Our Magnito paint doesn’t have any magnetic charge and is completely safe for applying around electronics. Computers, TVs, mobile phones and other appliances are safe to use around Magnito. Also, all ESCREO paints have low VOC and are environment-friendly. We stand for ECO and strive to be as environment-friendly as possible – in our production, distribution and everyday life.

After all, wherever you prefer to apply ESCREO Magnito, one thing is sure – everyone you know will love it. It’s a super simple way to bring something extraordinary to ordinary places. And it’s something that ESCREO does best.

Do you want to know more about the Escreo paint and what makes it Eco-friendly, check Whiteboard Paint vs Whiteboard: What is More Eco?