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The beauty of every paradox is achieving it. Take the title as an example – less equals more. If we abstain from philosophical trends, this principle describes the direction we have chosen to develop the world in in recent decades. Don’t believe me? Reach into your pocket. It contains a device that combines camera, computer, phone, console, pedometer, clock, alarm clock and 17 other things. This is but an example for the minimalistic nature of the modern smartphone, among other things.

But what is minimalism? If we look for an exact description on the internet, we will learn that minimalism is a current trend in modern art that has emerged as a continuation of modernism and gained clarity in the late 1950s. But we care not about dull terminology.

To put it simply, minimalism aims to get rid of the excess. To remove everything that will not be missed without losing the basic idea or message. Take, for example, the interior and the architecture. In them, minimalism arises as a tendency, characterized by its lack of ornamentation and decoration and seeking maximum simplicity and purity of space. This brings with it plenty of advantages – clarity of spaces and shapes, reduced visual dirt, easy focusing, and more.


And since everything new is well-forgotten old, modern minimalism is strongly influenced by traditional Japanese design. Many of the unmarried young people in Tokyo discover in minimalism a refuge from the overpopulated, loud and pulsing daily life of the megapolis. Therefore, they choose to live in modest homes with a clean disinfection, whose area often does not exceed 30 sq. M.

Which brings us to the next question – what could be the benefit of life with a label of “minimalism”? Is it possible to exist fully by providing us with the absolute minimum in a world that, every year, requires us to be more and more connected, ever more engaged, more and more overwhelmed with blessings? Of course it is possible. Unless we fall into extremes.


Less tells more

Let’s start with the needs. At home I have more than 60 T-shirts. In other words, I can wear each of them no more than 6 times to use all of them within a year. I admit – it’s great to have a choice when I open the wardrobe in the morning. What is not wonderful is to find a T-shirt that she wore the last eight months ago and has been buried under thirty others.

Knowing your needs is a basic message of minimalism as a way of life. Here we are not talking about deprivation, but about making a clear line between what you need and what you want. Passing this line should happen when it is necessary, and not when it is possible. Try to get into the house (and in your life) only things you use or that bring you emotional satisfaction.

More complicated things are with possession. Each of us can think of things he wants to own just because of their own possession. It’s even sweeter when someone else does not own it. Moving to minimalism can help with this problem. I admit, it is not easy to resist temptations in a world that gives us daily advertising and materialism. But think about how much your life would change if you strive for the little one in the name of most. Cost containment. Reducing stress. Increase discipline by removing the scattering elements. So at the end of the day, the question is not whether you can buy this new garden sprayer, or whether you need this new garden sprayer (anyone can give an example with a book or a garment but did not expect the sprayer, right?).


We let go of the unnecessary by just… combining it

Escreo has also set itself the goal of embodying at least part of the spirit of minimalism. Combining a white board, a presentation screen and even wall decoration, we strive to combine several useful things in one, optimizing your space and providing space not only for your ideas but also for yourself. Minimalism in a box. You only need a brush.


Choosing the “multitude” in front of the “little” in architecture can bring with it other problems. What are they on the Black Sea, explains Radost Georgieva from studio Atelier Apollonian Architects.