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Creative and cool: the advantages of magnetic whiteboard walls

office magnetic writable walls

Having writable walls in your home or office is one thing but imagine if you could stick magnetic objects on them too! Well, with magnetic dry erase paint, you can. Magnetic whiteboard walls are truly something to behold, and once you’ve experienced them, you’ll wonder how you lived without them. Whether you want to have a more creative and functional home or a more productive workplace, there are a bunch of uses for magnetic dry erase paint. 

If having magnetic writable walls seems like a cool idea for you, then this is the article for you. Join us as we take a closer look at what magnetic writable dry erase paint is and how you can transform your home or workplace in just a few brushstrokes.

How does it work?

Magnetic paint or primer is like conventional paint, except it contains microscopic particles of iron dust. When you paint it on a surface, it leaves a primer with many microscopic iron particles scattered throughout. Magnets are then drawn to these shards of iron, giving the appearance that they are sticking to the wall.

What can you do with magnetic whiteboard walls in the workplace?

workplace ideas for magnetic whiteboard paint

Workplaces are hives of productivity, and with the right tools can become even more so. Here are some ideas on how you can apply magnetic dry erase paint in the office:

Create better collaboration – Most workplaces use flip boards, projectors and whiteboards, but with magnetic whiteboard paint, the way that you and your colleagues interact will be completely transformed. Being able to get up and stick objects on the wall and draw around them is a fantastic way to collaborate and brainstorm with your team. And, by getting up and interacting with the wall, everyone will be more engaged than they would if viewing yet another PowerPoint presentation. Here is an article on some of the best whiteboard collaboration techniques you can try.

Have a more stimulating environment – Bland offices make for bland work. There’s a lot to be said about the psychology of colour and how it affects our moods and productivity levels. Through the power of magnetic wall paint, you can pin up any number of posters and pictures to bring the environment to life and foster a more energetic and creative atmosphere. And, since the wall is writable and erasable, you can cycle out pictures to keep things fresh.

Maximize workable space – When you think about it, there’s actually a bunch of unused space in any office – but it just happens to be the walls! By creating writable and magnetic walls and columns, you can create completely new work surfaces to leave reminders, schedules, notes and more. You can even use the paint on desks and lateral surfaces as well!

Have fun with your colleagues – Whatever your job is, you’ll likely be spending many hours with your colleagues throughout the workday. As such, it’s always better to be on good terms with them and even have fun together from time to time. By creating magnetic and writable walls, you can arrange a variety of fun team building and recreational games to encourage people to get to know each other. 

Magnetic whiteboard walls in the home

magnetic whiteboard wall at home

Of course, the workplace isn’t the only area that can benefit from magnetic whiteboard paint. If you feel like your home could do with a little more creativity and excitement, here’s what you can do:

Play games in new ways – Of course, having a good time and playing games is just as vital as being organized. You can play a variety of games depending on who’s in the house using magnetic whiteboard paint – and because you don’t need to huddle around a table, your magnetic wall can make for some pretty spectacular games of tic-tac-toe, battleships, chess, and other paper-based games.

Plan and organize – Running a household is no small task, especially if there are children living there. Having a magnetic wall can help keep things organized in a fun and novel way without making things look like a chore. For instance, you can create menus in the kitchen, reminders in hallways and cleaning rotors in family areas. And, because everyone can pin and draw on the walls as many times as they want, it can soon become part of your day-to-day life.

Learn and practice – Whether your kids need some help with homework, or you want them to partake in some extra-curricular learning, magnetic dry-erase paint can be a fantastic tool. Encourage your children to draw and figure out math problems, spell out difficult words and learn in a more exciting way than just pen and paper.

And that’s just for starters

All of the above ideas and applications are just a few suggestions to get you started. With magnetic paint, the possibilities are truly endless – so use your imagination and see what other activities you can introduce to make your work or home life better. For more inspiration, go ahead and check out the rest of our blog to get some ideas, and to find out more about the paint itself, head on over to the magnetic whiteboard paint product page.