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The environment and climate change have never been in more focus, and the number of brands and businesses doing their part is finally catching up. Sustainable branding is nothing new, but with more focus on the subject, the world’s attitude continues to shift towards greener thinking.

At ESCREO, we’re also passionate about sustainability, so we thought it would be good to take a closer look into sustainable branding, what your business can do to become greener and what our own initiatives are.

What exactly is sustainable branding?

Well, it’s right there in the name! Brands that present themselves as environmentally conscious, actively pursuing a positive environmental and social effect through their services or products. They make considerable effort to not only minimise the effects their operations have on the environment but where possible, seek to reduce carbon levels around the globe.

Being sustainable is more than just an initiative; it’s a state of mind. A lot of major brands attempt to virtue-signal by flaunting their green credentials. The issue is that these are sometimes quite shallow and just there for show. Truly responsible branding is walking the walk, and not just talking the talk.

What impacts are brands having?

Different companies and industries are all having different effects on their immediate environment, and the overall climate change that is slowly affecting the world. For instance, factories produce a huge volume of smoke and chemical output, while clothing brands might produce a lot of wastage in materials and transport miles for products. Then you have food, energy, tourism, consumer goods and more, all having their own effect. No matter what the industry is, including ESCREO and our writable whiteboard paint products, there is going to be some level of effect. So, what’s the solution? Better sustainability!

Photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash

So you want to become a sustainable brand?

It’s easy to think that only the big boys can become sustainable brands. After all, they have the global reach, resources and staff to make it happen. But, even the littlest fish can make a big difference with enough effort and passion.

Whatever the size of your company, here’s what you can do to become a sustainable brand:

1. Use recyclable materials. Just like at home, there are likely to be all manner of materials you can recycle to start your green initiative. Go paperless wherever possible, leave notices to power down office lights and machines when not in use. Make sure that there are plenty of recycling bins around. 

2. Redesign or repurpose products. If you produce physical products, talk to your suppliers about their respective environmental credentials. This may even result in lower operating costs due to more efficient material use. Think paper instead of plastic, organic materials instead of chemicals.

3. Talk to an external consultant. Knowing where and how to start is half the battle. If you’re serious about becoming a sustainable brand, hiring a specialist consultant can streamline your transition and make it all easier for you. They will point out all areas in which you can realistically improve on, both for the short and long term, and within your budget.

4. Create a culture. Telling colleagues and employees what to do is unlikely to bring them fully into the fold. Instead, do what you can to encourage greener behaviours – even if you need to incentivise them. For instance, rewarding people who bring and use their own mugs or recycle the most printouts. Bring in external expert speakers to show them the facts or appoint environment officers in your own company who can arrange workshops and group sessions. 

5. Be genuine. Becoming a green brand takes more than just an idea – you have to engage with it at all levels. Not only will customers buy into the message more, but your passion and willingness to adapt will shine through everything you do.

6. Spread the word. Once you have some green initiatives in action or have upcoming projects, be loud and proud about it. Create special content areas on your website to highlight your climate considerations. You can also include messaging in your newsletters to get the word out there for both internal and external audiences.

What ESCREO are doing

We plant a tree every single time someone places an order on our website
Photo by Eyoel Kahssay on Unsplash

While we may have some way to go ourselves, our team is passionate about leading by example and implementing our own sustainable initiatives.

Green invoicing – No more paper when invoicing clients, ever.

Carbon neutrality – We aim to become the first whiteboard paint company to become carbon neutral by the end of 2025. Find out more in our conscious roadmap.

Our forestry project – Where we plant a tree every single time someone places an order on our website, no matter how big or small. With carbon dioxide being one of the biggest drivers of climate change, planting trees will help to clean the air, nourish the planet, support the ecosystem and boost local socio-economic pillars at the same time. Currently, our project will plant trees in beautiful and at-risk locations including Kenya, Madagascar and Haiti. Find out more about our forestry project.

And, that’s just for starters. We are always looking to cut our carbon emissions in as many ways as possible and feel like we’re off to a fantastic start. Join us and start getting greener today!