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Without a doubt, our project in PDS Bulgaria has become one of our most favorite in the recent months. Soon after the finishing touches, we meet with Christian Panov, an HR manager. Chris worked actively with our team and was involved in the entire process of creating and implementing our common project.

We always approach the needs and wishes of our customers with great curiosity, we always try to understand how Escreo whiteboard paint can help with team dynamics, especially in one of the largest software companies in the country.

A little backstory

The PDS project began as many others do – 1 wall, 1 workroom. Most clients choose this approach because they have the peace of mind to test the product personally and to experience writing on the wall freely with first hand. Shortly thereafter, with the expansion of their office space, we received a call that Escreo’s paint is planned in their new office with 11 new walls. Every single wall different from the other, serving a different purpose and designed to achieve a functional and exquisite interior.


From the source

Christian says, “After expanding our office, together with Escreo’s team, we designed and painted a lot of walls, most of which are in our workrooms. This is where they are most needed – to colleagues from the different departments. We also have Escreo in one of our kitchens so we can share informal ideas and thoughts.

We also talked about the changes that have taken place in the PDS office after they opened their doors to us, the benefits and added value of the product. We are proud to hear that our product has contributed not only to the colorful and innovative interior, but also to the coworking processes and the birth of new ideas on the walls. “The brilliant ideas, that change the world start with writing them down. Often you need to have a place where you can share it with everyone.” says Christian.

Looking at the new office of PDS Bulgaria, we are impressed by the high-level business environment. The place is modern and minimalistic, precisely according to the trends in high-tech companies.

Every end means a new beginning

We will remember PDS as a company that works with attention to detail, with their special unique walls, and with impressive frames with messages on them. There are smiles on our faces, because on the walls of the break room we see the results of the many Foosball games played there and we are glad that we are helping to create a friendly office atmosphere. A wise quote read: “If you love what you do, you will not work a day in your life.” The PDS team once again proved it!