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Improving office productivity with ESCREO whiteboard paint

Escreo whiteboard paint boosts office productivity

How to increase office productivity: a question which has likely been used by managers since the very beginning of the modern working world. Let’s face it: most of us don’t want to be in an office, but we do appreciate it when we see our leaders trying to make it more comfortable and enjoyable for us. Improving office productivity is no small task: you need to please a large group of people at once and invest some money as well. Well, with ESCREO whiteboard paint, you can achieve an interesting office dynamic without breaking the bank. Here’s how:

How writable walls can impact productivity

The majority of office workers spend their time typing on their computers. When you organise collaborative meetings, however, everyone will use their minds in different ways. Whiteboarding sessions, for example, give a much bigger canvas and hence greater opportunity for ideas when sketching new procedures or future stages in a project.

Let’s be honest. Meetings and planning discussions can sometimes be a little boring. A good whiteboarding session will change things up in interesting ways. Furthermore, having various meeting attendees take turns using the whiteboard in their own unique style would automatically make them feel more involved and open with their ideas.

Whiteboard paint is wonderful

Take your space – Now, while we do love what whiteboards can do for creativity, they can be a little small for when the ideas really start flying. That’s why using dry-erase whiteboard paint from ESCREO (or our magnetic variant) is so much better. Imagine the entire wall becoming the canvas, where ideas have the space to fly free for everyone to see.

Put it everywhere – It’s not only walls that you can write on with ESCREO: you can create writable surfaces on any number of different objects and pieces of furniture such as desks, mugs, desk separators, supporting pillars and anywhere else that catches your fancy.

Be motivational – Of course, writable walls aren’t just great for improving office productivity, but for morale as well! Go ahead and pepper them with positive messaging, drawings, doodles, pictures and more. And, since it is dry-erase, you can do it over and over again.

Better meetings – The last few years have had a lot of remote working for many of us, with video calls taking centre stage. Now that we are slowly getting back to the office, there’s no better way to break the ice and get people talking again than with writable wall paint.

Dry erase desk

Clear writable whiteboard paint

Keep the colours – We’ve alluded to the psychology of colour in the workplace in a previous article but it certainly bears repeating. If you have the kind of office that has taken great care with the colours they use, management is not likely to want to paint over that. Well, no worries because our clear writable paint will still let everyone write and doodle to their heart’s content without affecting the colour underneath.

Impress clients – If you regularly hold client meetings in the office, you can be sure that they haven’t seen many writable walls before – especially clear-paint ones! The next time you have people over for a meeting, dazzle them with your writable wall and present your ideas in a fun and unique way.

Magnetic dry erase paint

Maximise the environment – Offices may become a little crowded at times but making the most of your workspace can help you enhance productivity while also reducing the sense of being cramped. by adding magnetic paint you can increase the space in which you show and interact with information.

Give ideas a better home – It’s easy to lose post-its and notes on a busy desk, so just stick them up on the wall instead! All you need are some simple magnets and you can make sure that your precious notes will always be right there in front of you, and not thrown away with all the other bits of paper.

There’s an ESCREO whiteboard paint for every office

Office productivity has always been a tough nut to crack for managers. However, with some small touches, some things can help get people’s minds and motivations going. With the range of ESCREO whiteboard paints to choose from, there’s a solution there for everyone. For even more inspiration have a look at these whiteboard collaboration techniques, and fun and productive team-building games.