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Dear Friends, 

We have collaborated with our partners Spacelab_ to bring the beauty of ESCREO writable walls to all of you at Clerkenwell  in London just ahead of Clerkenwell Design Week. You can now visit our ESCREO showroom to experience first hand the joy that our whiteboard paint can bring to you before installing it in your office, kids room, school or commercial space.  

ESCREO writable wall @thedepot

Spacelab_ is an exploratory architectural design studio that believes space unites us. This is a common belief we share. We have been spreading creativity out of the box for almost a decade now in spaces that unite us and reinforce our collaboration, innovation and communication skills. Spacelab_ is part of the lab_, a collective of free-thinkers, constantly experimenting and reshaping the boundaries so that we can live our lives better. Whether the space is to live, work, meet or visit, they create spaces for people to feel good and be great.

“The focus of architects and interior designers is slowly but steadily shifting towards sustainable materials and spaces. We now look for such traits in our partners. ESCREO shares our values and fits perfectly in our offering: a European manufacturer with a focus on specifying products which have the environmental issues in mind. And so do we. ESCREO’s whiteboard paints are water-based, carbon neutral and the team plants trees on behalf of their clients. This is simply amazing!”

Felix Clarke, Operations Manager of Spacelab_ Collaborative Studi

Escreo meeting room SpaceLab

In recent years, we have been conquering the UK online whiteboard space with great results so far as our UK sales are growing rapidly. However, we are seeing the potential of the UK offline market, too, and this is why we have decided to better position ourselves on the local market. Thanks to Spacelab_, we now have a dedicated part of the coworking space where our potential clients can experience first-hand the practicality and convenience of our carbon neutral paints. We couldn’t have dreamt of a better partner in the UK.

Escreo whiteboard paint in London

“We started with the idea of preparing a pop-up ESCREO showroom for Clerkenwell Design Week as we have always wanted to bring our writable paints to life to all of its participants. The pandemic restrictions are not there anymore so we could finally make our dream come true. And then, we were discussing projects with Felix Clarke from Spacelab_ and an even better idea came to life: to design our dedicated space at their spot. This is how we have set the beginning of the great things that are yet to come.“

Saul Heard, Director of EMEA at ESCREO

Meeting room with ESCREO

Our CO2 neutral whiteboard paints transform any surface into a world of possibilities. They change the way you work, teach, collaborate, innovate and communicate… and then you wipe away and do it all again tomorrow. With hundreds of thousands of square meters of paint made since 2015 we are providing the most innovative paint solutions on the market. And if you haven’t yet felt the beauty of it, we are here to help you transform your unique space, too. It’s up to you – white, clear or magnetic whiteboard paints, we have them all.

We would be very happy to welcome you all who want to experience the joy of writing on the wall at our dedicated space at 18 Wenlock Rd, London N1 7TA, United Kingdom. Look for Spacelab_ and Saul Heard. In case you would like a more personal consultation, please call us first to book an appointment and we will be waiting for you at the ESCREO showroom.

Yours faithfully,


SpaceLab x ESCREO