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The main criterion for a country’s prosperity has always been possible due to two things – the state of the health and the state of the education. Therefore, today we’ll talk about the education.

On 7th April, “Capital” newspaper and “America for Bulgaria” foundation organized a conference entitled “Innovation for better education”. The event was held in Sofia event center. It aimed to present the best practices for innovations in education and gathered more than 250 teachers and principals.

As a result, Escreo had the pleasure to present its innovation for a better education, namely the magic paint that turns walls into a whiteboard.

We wanted to show the end result of our product, so we prepared a sample wall on which we allowed the guests to try and see for themselves how our product works.


We spoke with the guests of the event and told them more about the possibilities for application of the magic paint at schools. The advantages of Escreo compared to the whiteboard are as following:

– optimizes space 

– creates more surfaces for writing and drawing 

– can be in various colors and shapes 

– is more sustainable and cost-efficient solution 

– encourages students to express themselves 


As a sign of our support to the development of the Bulgarian education we decided to organize a lottery-game. With it we presented a school with the opportunity to transform their classroom into a magical place with the help of Escreo. The winner was a teacher from the biggest high school in Sofia – The 18th School of “William Gladstone”.


And here’s how it all happens in practice with the protagonist Deputy-Minister of Education Mr. Dian Stamatov.