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eBag brings creativity and innovation to their office wall as they do with their business

eBag creates and innovates with ESCREO magnetic whiteboard paint

Online supermarket eBag choses ESCREO magnetic whiteboard paint to ensure a creative, dynamic and innovative office environment where they can discuss new ideas and processes every day. Read below an interview with Hristo Yankov, CОO of eBag, where he goes into more detail about what eBag stands for and how our magnetic whiteboard paint helped them in their office walls.

eBag has changed the way people in Bulgaria shop by offering them a wonderful alternative to the traditional supermarket. How did you achieve this and what are the key steps to your success?

Our CEO Ivan Alexandrov often tells his personal story about the beginning of eBag. It all starts with his dream to spend his free time with his family in a more pleasant way, rather than going around the shops and queuing.

This has been our main driving force since day one. All of us who work at eBag believe that in addition to orders, we manage to provide our customers with much more – family time and more time for the things that really matter.

At eBag, we believe in technology – we are a fast-growing technology company and rely on everything that new technologies and the digital world have to offer. We think big and bold. We are not afraid to change the standards. Even more, we always strive to surpass them and continue to innovate. We put the customer at the centre of everything we do. We care about the quality of the products we select, as well as the overall service we offer.

Hristo Yankov, COO (on the left), and Stanislav Georgiev, Courier Coordinator (on the right)
Hristo Yankov, COO (on the left), and Stanislav Georgiev, Courier Coordinator (on the right)

You offer a wide variety of real, quality food and organic farm products. How does your offering differ from that of any other supermarket?

At eBag, we offer the products from your favourite grocery store, butcher’s shop, dairy shop, bakery, fish shop, farmers’ market, in addition to special organic and handicraft products, all gathered in one single place. Our customers value quality food, convenience and time. With eBag you don’t have to travel around the city to look for a product or store, you forget about queuing up and carrying heavy bags.

ESCREO has changed the way people write on the wall, and eBag has changed the way people shop in their day-to-day lives. What did ESCREO do for you?

Our business is very dynamic. We are in a mode where we have to implement new processes and ideas every day, and our ESCREO writable wall gives us the perfect space to expand them in detail. In addition, we like that it does not limit us in scale, and this is important for the process of visualising all the innovations that we discuss every day. It is convenient that it is magnetic and in addition to writing (and you will usually see it written from top to bottom), we can also attach various materials to what is written there. It fits perfectly to the interior of our office and we can say with ease that this magnetic whiteboard paint encourages creativity in all of us.

Part of the operational team of eBag with ESCREO magnetic writable wall
Part of the operational team of eBag with ESCREO magnetic writable wall

What else is missing in the food market and how do you see the development of eBag in the future?

The future development of eBag is dynamic, digital, technological, entirely to the benefit of the customer. For instance, quality food should be easily accessible.

At eBag, we believe that everything we do should bring added value to the customer. Therefore, we improve our range and service based on how this will benefit our consumers, and we continue to learn every day – change is a driving force for us.

We make the difference together

ESCREO whiteboard paint has made the difference in several companies in different industries. For instance, our different products, from the original whiteboard paint, the magnetic writable paint to the clear whiteboard paint version improve office creativity and collaboration.