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For many of us, the last year has mostly consisted of working from home. Whether it’s been on the kitchen table or you’re lucky enough to have a whole room in your home, remote working has quickly become the norm for office-based jobs. However, COVID-19 is not going to be around for much longer (we hope) and by the end of the year, many of us will be coming back to the office.

If you’re an employer that’s looking to get staff back in-house, you’re going to need to be prepared. While many workers may like the idea of getting out and about again, they will also likely have some feelings of trepidation around ‘returning to the grind’. To help ease them in, you’re going to need to make their workplace engaging again so that you can beat the ‘post-remote’ blues and get things back up to speed in the best possible way.

One way of doing this is to surprise your team with a series of writable surfaces and walls within the workplace. As well as being easy and affordable, having writable walls in your office will show your staff that getting back to work isn’t all that bad – and can even be fun.  

Creativity and productivity

Anyone who has the option of having writable walls in the workplace can enjoy different benefits in different ways, no matter what the industry is. For instance:

Bosses and employers – Can foster a more creative, engaging and productive workplace. Writable surfaces are still a little ‘unusual’ and will therefore give staff something new to experience and utilise.

Staff – Coming back to work full-time may come as a shock for some staff. With writable walls, they can quickly realise just how satisfying effective collaboration can be and that their workplace is making efforts to create a better environment.

Creative and visual industries – Industries that frequently rely on brainstorming, illustration and creative collaboration love writable walls. There’s nothing like getting into a room and putting together ideas, drawings and graphs on large and highly visible surfaces.

Office interior designers – The office downtime during COVID has given businesses everywhere the time to spruce up their workplaces in anticipation of returning staff. For interior designers, writable walls are the chance to create something different that’s worth talking about. Our whiteboard paint is great, providing high contrast, but sometimes you need a bit more colour.

How your workplace can use a colourful writable walls

1. Let ideas pop

The functions of writable walls are pretty much endless: especially if you’ve got a range of coloured markers at your disposal. By using different colours for different functions, your staff are more likely to notice the information and put forward their own. You can write down inspirational quotes, company values or even honour a particular employee after a successful outcome,

2. Encourage better teamwork

Imagine an entire wall that can be written and drawn on: now, that’s a lot of scope for collaboration! With such a tool, you can encourage your staff to use it as a ‘mood board’ for certain projects or programs, where everyone can leave their notes, drawings and opinions on a particular project. Certain departments can even have their own assigned colour to signpost their perspective and ownership of the input.

3. Make your walls work for you

Sure, walls are pretty good at holding up the ceiling – but otherwise, they are wasted space! If you’ve ever had a meeting or workshop where the whiteboard gets filled up pretty quickly, you’re going to need something bigger. A lot bigger. So, how about several colourful writable walls? With writable paint, you can unlock more space than ever, from floor to ceiling, to decorate, plan and collaborate.

4. Activate your workshops

So, there’s another workshop. You can almost hear the groans of staff who are preparing for yet another soulless PowerPoint presentation. With writable walls, workshops can be more than a chore. By getting people up on their feet and encouraging them to express their ideas up in any way they want, the overall output will be significantly more enjoyable and useful.

5. Bond with colleagues

Sometimes, it’s good to have fun with the people you work with. Not only will it bring you closer together, but you’ll also create a more positive environment at the same time. Set aside an hour or two each week after working hours to organise a series of enjoyable and colourful games for your staff to play together. Need some ideas? Check out our list of team-building games to play at the office.

6. Use ALL the space you have

Writable paint isn’t just for walls. It’s for desks, mugs, columns, ceilings, desk partitions, chairs…or just about anything else! Take a look at your office with fresh eyes and you’ll see just how many surfaces you can turn into creative spaces. Staff can leave notes on tables, label their mugs, draw on chairs and more.

SAP whiteboard paint

7. Leverage colour psychology

If you’ve read our previous post on the psychology of colours in the workplace, you’ll know that they do more than bring a space to life. Different colours can have more subtle effects on mood and productivity, so if you have multiple colourful writable walls or surfaces, you’ll be able to help staff feel more relaxed, active and engaged.

The answer is clear (whiteboard paint)

Escreo Clear Whiteboard Paint

It may seem like a large investment to bring all of the above possibilities to your workplace, but it really isn’t with ESCREO. By using our fantastic clear whiteboard paint, you can keep the original colours of your surfaces and write on top of them. With no priming required and easy roller application, you can get your office and working spaces ready for your staff and the better times ahead.