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Magnetic whiteboard paint for better colleague collaboration

better team collaboration with magnetic dry erase paint

Today’s working world has made remote collaboration easier than ever, to the extent that some global team members never meet in person. However, just because the technology exists, it doesn’t mean that it is the best solution for better colleague collaboration. Team members need to feel connected in more ways than just through the Internet and with so many software options to choose from, it’s easy to let the physical face time slip through the cracks.

If you’re stuck for ideas on how to increase collaboration within your team, the answer lies in magnetic whiteboard paint. Join us as we take a close look at why collaboration and teambuilding are important, how magnetic whiteboard paint works, and what activities leaders can use it for.

The importance of teambuilding for better colleague collaboration


Bringing your team together for a teambuilding activity with magnetic whiteboard paint and other tools enables everyone to share ideas in a low-pressure setting. They will be more inclined to express their thoughts, pose inquiries, and come up with original answers as they will be coming from different perspectives. This will result in better colleague collaboration.


The best ideas sometimes result from the collective mind of different people. Teams that are more varied than others in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, etc. tend to be more imaginative and achieve a greater result as they have a wider range of viewpoints. 


Events for team development naturally encourage open communication, respect for one another, and honest criticism. Additionally, well-planned team-building activities break up the workday or week and allow staff members an opportunity to interact and have some fun together. And, when magnetic whiteboard paint is added to the mix, the fun factor increases.

Better teamwork

One of the many advantages of team building at work is the opportunity for team members to concentrate on working together on the same task towards a similar objective. Collaborative teams know how to assign duties to capitalise on each other’s abilities and operate as a team of equals. They understand how to openly discuss ideas, where they can provide value, and when to step aside. No one has a personal motive, and everyone is concentrated on getting the best possible outcome.


Motivation and morale go hand in hand. Employees who are enthusiastic about their work and feel appreciated by their employer are more likely to be driven to produce a good job. Employees are more likely to believe that their employer cares about their happiness, prosperity, and overall well-being when a business spends the time, money, and effort to create a team-building environment.

Magnetic whiteboard paint teambuilding ideas

Flip boards, projectors, and whiteboards are commonly used in offices, but magnetic whiteboard paint can fundamentally change how you and your coworkers communicate and result in better team collaboration. Instead of ‘Death By PowerPoint’, everyone present can get up, draw on the wall, write, pin up papers using magnets and generally engage in a much better way with what’s being discussed. Here are some team-building ideas for you to try with magnetic whiteboard paint:

Blind drawing – Great for building up communication between team members and breaking the ice. 

Shark tank – which helps people to think creatively and improve their sales skills as they present ideas and solutions to current business practices.

Two truths and a lie – A great way to learn some interesting facts about your colleagues, where they state three unusual facts about themselves, and only one is true. The rest have to guess which one is the truth.

Office trivia – Office trivia is a fun and simple team-building exercise that encourages communication and a little lightheartedness among team members. The overall theme of office trivia can focus on office supplies, the layout of your office, and anything else that you and colleagues have in common. Prizes can include amusing office equipment, gift cards to nearby eateries, and custom-made vouchers for benefits relevant to the workplace, like the first pick of the Friday morning doughnuts, or a free box of business cards.

For more great ideas on how magnetic whiteboard paint can encourage teamwork and collaboration, check out our article on team-building games to play at the office.

Build a better team

So, there you have it! A few ideas to get you started on a closer, happier and more productive team which results in better colleague collaboration. If you just want to write on your walls and don’t need magnetic capabilities, you can check our standard/original whiteboard paint and our transparent dry-erase paint. Our magnetic whiteboard paint is novel, fun and unexpected – meaning that anyone who uses it will be a lot more engaged than they would like a flipchart or traditional whiteboard. Give it a try today and let us know how you get on!