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Writing by hand helps us learn way faster than typing. It’s a fact. But what’s the science behind it?

A study from 2012 tried to put some light over the learning processes that are triggered by handwriting. The study, as covered by the Wall Street Journal, stated that writing by hand activated certain brain areas associated with learning. The study asked a group of children to write certain words by hand rather than study them closely. The results were nothing we weren’t already expecting. But they confirmed our observations. Writing helps you learn.

Baby boomers and some millennials with no access to tech in school had the incredible opportunity to experience the powers of handwriting first hand.

Turns out all those tedious hours of writing essays and homework assignments had actually paid off by speeding the process of learning. Experiences students know that there’s no better way to learn your lesson other than writing it down in your notebook. And adding more colors with markers and special pens just makes learning better. But how is it that a process that looks more like fun doodling than hard studying actually makes students better at learning?

The Science Behind It: How Do We Learn Through Writing by Hand

Melani Pinola from Lifehacker takes a closer look at the processes that come hand in hand with handwriting. In her article on the efficacy of handwriting for learning she shares that when written by hand, words come out in their raw,, true form. When written by hand, words are told to be unspoiled by the many distractions, such as advertisements or a cluttered user interface that otherwise surround a person on a laptop or any other digital device. Writing by hand is a way that has been used for centuries and has so far been used to produce the better part of the world’s best literature. Pinola shares the opinion that handwriting is not only a romantic way of expression but rather a natural form of transforming thoughts and emotions into the real, tactical world.

Following the same logic, a psychology professor at the Dominican University of California discovered that his patients are 33% more likely to achieve their goals when they write them down. The sole action of writing is said to translate the subconsciousness of thoughts and emotions into the conscious world. By adding an actual physical activity to the process of translation, patients felt more involved. They also were more likely to share their goals with others and maintain their accountability for achieving them.

In more complex words, scientists say that the reticular activating system ( RAS in short ) is activated when writing by hand. RAS helps the brain retain new information more effectively and helps to filter information and maintaining focus throughout the whole learning process. When learning something new, the brain grows new synapses between existing neurons that store information. The more synapses the brain grows the stronger the connections he makes with all the neurons and information he stores. The new synapses help for quicker recalling of particular information. When a physical activity is involved in the learning process, such as writing by hand, the brain puts the information in more categories ( creates more synapses ) so recalling the information, later on, becomes much easier. Just like riding a bike, learning something through a physical activity makes it harder to forget. The use of colors and other visual materials in the process only facilitates the learning. This is why whiteboards, for example, are so widely used nowadays.

ESCREO’s Vision: Improve Learning and Team Collaboration Through Writing

Writing by hand undoubtedly aids learning. And when you add in a couple of colorful markers and a large borderless writing space learning and sharing information becomes even easier. This is where ESCREO steps in.

ESCREO’s whiteboard paint improves team collaboration and learning by providing people with the freedom to express their ideas anywhere in any form on a borderless whiteboard space. ESCREO’s dry-erase paint can be applied to all kinds of surfaces, walls, ceilings, columns, furniture, doors, room dividers, and more.

We at ESCREO are on a mission to bring the advantages of writing by hand to offices, classrooms, and homes all around the world by offering a writing space with no toxic chemicals, no complex maintenance, and most importantly no limits for your imagination.

Your Turn: Adapting Innovation in Learning to Your Office or Classroom With ESCREO

Whether you’re looking for a way to improve team collaboration, engage people during meetings or classes or simply provide a simpler, more convenient way for students and employees to express their ideas, innovation is there to help you achieve these goals.

But not all innovations work the way you intend them to. The most important part is for you to choose an innovation that answers your needs without hindering other aspects of your already established work process. There are many education innovations out there, but only a few offer an improvement without bringing too many distractions or hindering the work environment with toxic chemicals.

What ESCREO has put on the table is more than just a new shiny product. It’s a whiteboard paint tailored to answer each and every need. ESCREO’s whiteboard paint provides freedom of expression and improves learning and collaboration all while lowering your carbon footprint.

Now it’s your turn. Are you ready to take the learning processes in your office or classroom to the next level?