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You did what?! April Fool’s Pranks to pull with ESCREO

April Fool's Pranks with Whiteboard Paint

April Fool’s Day is fast approaching and is the ideal opportunity to lighten the mood with some harmless and hilarious April fools pranks on your friends and family. We love a good laugh here at ESCREO so we put our heads together to think about how our writable paints can play its part in some lighthearted pranks, so read on for some inspiration. A word of warning though…if you dish it out, you need to be able to take it too!

The origin of April Fool’s Day?

April Fool’s Day is celebrated on April 1st every year with the expectation of lighthearted fun in the home, workplace, The origin of April Fool’s Day are a little murky, but there are some theories as to where it may have evolved from:

Hilaria – April Fools’ Day is thought to have originated in ancient Rome with a holiday known as “Hilaria”, taking on March 25. Hilaria was a day for festivities, masquerades, and generally filling the day with a general mockery of everything, where not even the local magistrates were spared.

The Gregorian switch – The Church can also be linked to April Fools’ Day’s origins. After all, it was Pope Gregory XIII who, in the late 1500s, issued a decree mandating the adoption of a regular calendar by Christian countries. People who remained with the previous calendar were chastised as “April fools” since the Gregorian calendar shifted the new year from the end of March to the first of January.

The Feast of Fools – According to folklore historians, the Feast of Fools was celebrated around Jan 1st in medieval France and England. During the event, Church officials were said to be in favor of the carnival-like celebration, which involved dressing in costumes, reversing social roles, bringing donkeys into church and other satirical actions. The belief was that it helped the common people release negative sentiment towards the establishment. However, the feast was eventually canned by the 15th century as officials decided that the mockery was going too far.

April Fool’s pranks with ESCREO clear whiteboard paint

So, there’s the history – what can you do with your ESCREO clear whiteboard paint? Well, you can:

Devise never-ending games – such as a hangman that has no answer or impossible crossword. See how long you can string on your hapless opponent until they realize what’s going on.

Shock your visitors – by not telling them about your writable wall, calmly walking up to a surface and suddenly start drawing or writing on it. Anyone not knowing it can be erased is sure to be surprised. 

Create endless treasure hunts – with clues and directions to another part of the house or office, which then point to a new location, and so on: all with the promise of a prize at the end. See how long they are willing to go for!

Confuse the kids – with a new menu on your kitchen writable wall, featuring upcoming meals for the week including weird combos such as fried soup, jelly and pasta, octopus steak and so on.

Draw around family photos – that have been pinned up with magnetic whiteboard paint, with funny ears, hats and features drawn around them.

Leave notes – about things that didn’t happen, such as a scratch on the car, a treat in the fridge or an alien invasion.

Writable walls with whiteboard paint

Other April Fools’ jokes

  • Many of us want to keep our kitchen utensil drawer neat and tidy to the point where we can reach in and find what we need without looking. For a harmless prank, go ahead and move everything into different positions to cause a little bit of kitchen confusion.  
  • As a true Fool’s classic, buy a pack of Oreos, remove the cream (or eat it!) and replace it with mint toothpaste. Then, leave a plate of your new Oreos in an obvious place, sit back and watch people bite into the strangest-tasting biscuit they have ever had.
  • This April Fools’ prank is ideal for heavy sleepers. Sneak in late at night and rearrange their furnishings, drawers, replace their bedspread and move their ornaments so that when they wake up, it’ll be to a new room.
  • Buy yourself a bunch of bubble wrap and leave it around underneath carpets to surprise the next person to walk over it.
  • Not only do the letters M and N appear alike, but they’re also right next to each other on most keyboards. Carefully remove the keys and swap them around. Chances are there’ll be quite a few typos before they realize what’s going on.
  • Buy a huge pack of rubber ducks or other small models, pick your victim and hide them in every place that the person might find them: in their draws, food packaging, on their desk, in their car glove box and just about anywhere you can think of.

Have fun!

Now that you’re more than prepared with some harmless but fun April Fool’s jokes, it’s time to get ready for the day. Just remember that it’s all in good fun and there’s no need to go overboard. And, if you have one of our whiteboard writable paints at hand, the element of surprise will be all the more. Have fun!