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Judging by the temperatures and the stunning sunshine, even spring can’t wait for summer to come. We have already begun planning our first vacation, and holiday requests stand ready in the desk drawer. But it’s hard to imagine that sea aroma when the street near your office is drowning in smog, dust, and exhaust.

If we want to enjoy nature, it’s only logical to strive and preserve it – both at home and at work. The next 7 tips will help you become part of a greener business, contributing to general well-being. As long as you can persuade your colleagues to join in (for this to happen, it’s best to just forward this article to them).


1. Leave the car in the garage


I can imagine you reacting to this first step with a shake of your head. Few people would willingly give up with the luxury of using a car. But do you really need to go anywhere with it? There aren’t many offices in the city that can’t be reached by public transport. Traffic is the same both ways. During warmer months an even more pleasant alternative is revealed – the bicycle. In addition to reducing emissions into the atmosphere, cycling keeps you in shape, reduces stress and can pass through anywhere. And you won’t be spending 20 minutes looking for an empty parking lot.

Not to mention that countries such as the Netherlands already have gone so far as to have specialized bicycle rental companies, and the influential Danish architect and urbanist Jan Gehl predicts that passenger cars will soon remain in history.


Ride your bike
Ride, ride, ride your bike…


2. Use natural light


Most of us have felt the headache effect of mixed light. That’s why you need to work near a window whenever you have the opportunity. It’s best if the sun rays are coming from your left side. If this isn’t possible (or you have the misfortune of working night shifts), then there’s something else you can do. Offer to change all office bulbs with LED or CFL ones. In addition to being energy-saving and compact, these bulbs work in a light spectrum that protects the retina.


3. Optimize devices


I bet my lunch break that your office has at least a dozen computers and just as many phones. Probably we’ll find a printer a or tablet somewhere as well. All of these devices are plugged into the network and are consuming electricity even when you think they are not working. But there’s a way to reverse that. Optimize your computer settings to activate power saving mode when the device is not being actively used. As for the smaller devices, shut them off completely when you’re not using them. The phone is one thing, but does your tablet need to be always on?


4. Less paper


I admit that paper will always have a place in my life. I prefer notebooks to computers and book to electronic readers. But if we did the same in the office, it would take a small forest a day each day to write everything down.


Escreo will leave flip charts in the past
It won’t come as a surprise to us if Escreo leaves flip charts in the past


The solution is simple – digitization. Write and send on computer everything that is not absolutely necessary needed on paper. Escreo can also help you in this endeavor. Let the hundreds of paper sheets remain in the past. Write down any message you want your colleagues to see directly on the wall.


5. Use consumables more than once


Some of them, at least. Take the markers as an example. Many of them have refillable cartridges which allows them to be used repeatedly. You throw less plastic and save money at the same time. You’ll be able to find such cartridges in our online store very soon.


6. Draw energy from the sun


No, not through meditation. We mean something that has become even more modern lately – solar energy. Most companies prefer to stay away from installing solar panels and switching to clean energy, mainly because of the significant costs involved in this process. What avoids them is the long-term benefit. In a longer period of time, solar energy is proven to be more efficient, cheaper and, of course, greener. An investment that certainly pays off.


Sunflowers out of metal
A new breed of metal sunflowers


7. Work from home


The dream of the average employee at the end of the week. But really – working at least a couple of days a month at home reflects not only on the mood and productivity of employees. These are one or two days without gasoline and less electricity consumption. We acknowledge that it does not sound particularly impressive, but the small step is moving closer to the goal.