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This week the guest blogger at Escreo is Boris Hristov from 356labs, suggesting some tips on how to organize and prepare the best presentation!


Have you thought about the fact that those two are related? Want it or not, we use tools in one shape or form when we prepare and deliver our talks. Will that be a presentation software or will that be a mic when already on stage – it doesn’t really matter. We use tools. That’s it.

So, as a company that specializes in creating, designing and delivering presentation trainings, we know a lot of great tools that can help you build a great presentation and with this blog post, we want to share to you 3 of those. Or a bit more. Let’s see!

When you are starting the preparation of your presentation the first you have to do is to go analog. That means that you must not jump directly into PowerPoint (or any other presentation software), but use a tool like sticky notes, white piece of paper or even write on a wall that our friends from Escreo can create for you. The latter will enable you to become almost a true artist, because being able to write and sketch simply everywhere allows you to brainstorm and come up with all the creative ideas you need for the content of your presentation.

Then, an important moment comes. Now that you have the content and the structure, you have to visualize all of those ideas. Ask yourself: “What’s the best way for my audience to understand every single one of those ideas? Is that an image? A chart? A quote, а GIF or а video?”. Write those down on the sticky note or the painted wall. Next step is using one of the below incredible, but free creative resources and finalize your slides:

  1. Images – Pexels & Pixabay
  2. Fonts – FontSquirrel & FontM
  3. Icons – IconFinder & FlatIcon


Presentation tools
Creative presentation tools


“Wow!”, I heard you say! Yes, those are great resources and we hope you will start using them immediately. At least we are. And we do presentations for living, so it makes sense to trust on this one.

Ready? No. One more.

You prepared your presentation, but you have to deliver it too. When you are on stage, one of the great things you can do to keep your audience engaged is to involve them. Two very interesting ways of you involving the people that are there for you is to use tools like sli.do or Zeetings. Both of those tools are allowing you to ask your audience questions, ask them to fill in a poll and a lot, lot more. The really impressive part is that they are able to do all of the above from their mobile devices and you, as the speaker, can show them the results, live, as they happen!

So, now you have even more great instruments under your shoulder to create and deliver a truly stunning presentation. Our question to you now is – are you ready to test drive those and put them into practice? We hope so! Because we promise you that if you do, you are indeed going do differentiate as a speaker. And that is something you would love to do, right?