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7 instagram акаунта, вдъхновени от градската среда


В Escreo се вдъхновяваме от всичко около нас, а архитектурата и дизайна са ни на сърце. Специално за вас подбрахме 7 креативни instagram акаунта, които да ви вдъхновят да мислите ‘извън кутията’ и за забелязвате малките неща около нас.







#AccidentalWesAnderson Hotel Opera | Prague, Czech Republic | c. 1891 • • The Opera Hotel is a six-story neo-renaissance hotel with 67-rooms and commercial space built in 1891 in the center of Prague, Chzech Republic • • At the time of construction, the only commercial space was a restaurant on the first floor, then during the first half of the 20th century, the floor-by floor hotel conversion took place after the current owners’ ancestor, Karel Ceska, bought the building in 1918 • • Shortly after seizing power in 1948, the Communist Party nationalized the hotel – the communists seized the hotel without Karel’s consent and without compensation • • While under state control, the hotel fell into disrepair due to neglect and mismanagement, and it wasn’t until 1992, after the fall of communism, when the hotel was returned to the Ceska family • • A major renovation then took place and as the hotel needed to continue running while the renovation took place, the project took 12 years to complete • • Know more? Please comment below! • • ?: @valentina_jacks • ✍️: @wikipedia • • #AccidentallyWesAnderson #WesAnderson #VscoArchitecture #Vsco #Symmetry #SymmetricalMonsters #Prague #CzechRepublicic

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