Escreo White Whiteboard Paint for any surface
Use Whiteboard Paint to easily transform any flat surface into a collaborative whiteboard area.
1-day application
Write in just 3 days
10-year warranty
Superb durability for your peace of mind
Full application kit included
No Priming needed
Quality Accessories
For best writing & wiping experience
Eco friendly
Water-based formula
Projector friendly
Ideal for presentations
For orders from 5 to 8 sq.m.
For orders above 9 sq.m.
Custom quantity with no leftovers!
The price includes paint for 2 coats and full application kit.
We transform any flat surface
into a collaborative whiteboard area
Isn't the tripod of your whiteboard always in your way in the office? Don't waste precious office space with yesterday solutions and create dynamic office space with Escreo white whiteboard paint. Boost productivity and spontaneous collaboration in your workspace. Apply Escreo White Whiteboard paint on walls, columns, doors, tables or any flat surface.

Chosen by innovators
Escreo is a fast drying, low-odor whiteboard paint. Innovative product that is water-based and developed with high-quality ingredients. Use escreo accessories to ensure the longevity and durability of your surface.
Paint different objects in your premises
Optimise your work space by applying Escreo to any smooth surface. Doors, desks and other furniture can now serve as a creative brainstorming corner.
Do it Yourself application. Easily apply Escreo whiteboard paint
You get full kit of two cans of whiteboard paint - enough for the selected square maters, roller, paintbrush and all you need for DIY application.
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