Why should I choose ESCREO instead of a regular whiteboard?

Because ESCREO gives you the freedom to create and exchange ideas without limitations. You can apply paint on walls, columns, doors, and tables to add more space for writing, painting or planning. Additionally, you can select every aspect of erasable surfaces (size, shape, color, and frame) according to your preferences and needs.

Do I need special accessories to write, erase, and maintain ESCREO surfaces?

Not necessarily. Regular whiteboard accessories will work as well, but we guarantee that our marker pens and cleaning products provide the best quality of care for ESCREO paints and surfaces. See the packs here.

Is the paint safe?

Absolutely. Created entirely in line with the latest trends in paint manufacturing, ESCREO are completely harmless and environmentally friendly. The water-based formula with extremely low VOC (volatile organic compound) content makes ESCREO a good choice for both workspaces and children’s rooms, schools, and hospitals.

Can I use magnets on ESCREO?

Yes. For this purpose, we created Magnito – a magnetic base which is applied before the ESCREO base paint. Magnito allows attaching notes and photos using neodymium magnets. The entire painted surface turns into an innovative message board.

How long will my surface last?

We provide 1-year warranty that ESCREO will preserve its initial look and functionality. Regular cleaning and the use of suitable marker pens can extend the life of your surfaces up to 3 years.

Where is the paint manufactured?

We manufacture ESCREO in our production base in the city of Ruse.

How can I become an ESCREO partner?

If you wish to be our partner, simply send us an enquiry.

Can I remove ESCREO?

Yes. You need to apply a primer before you use latex paint. 1-2 layers of primer are applied depending on the color. You can contact us for additional advice.

How can I order ESCREO?

You can purchase ESCREO directly from our online shop. We have taken care to make the process of ordering as customized as possible. Follow the steps, adding your selected options. If you wish to change your selection, simply go one step back. For more specific projects, do not hesitate to send us an enquiry.

How soon will you deliver my order?

Generally, delivery takes 1-3 days depending on the ordered amount of paint and its color.

Can I apply ESCREO myself?

Naturally! What’s more – ESCREO were designed to be applied by the customer. Each set contains the necessary consumables, as well as detailed step-by-step instructions. For more, see our instructional video.

How long does it take to apply the paint?

Painting a standard surface area of 3 sq. m takes approx. 2 hours.

Do you offer an ESCREO application service?

ESCREO paints were designed to be applied by the customer. Each set contains the necessary consumables, as well as detailed step-by-step instructions. Alternatively, we can recommend our trusted service providers. Contact us for details.

The color of the surface I'm going to paint is completely different from the selected ESCREO color. Do I need to apply a primer to decolorize?

Yes. To make your desired color vivid, we recommend applying a primer as a base first. If the selected ESCREO color is much darker than the surface, select a primer which is similar to the ESCREO color. You can also use latex paint instead of a primer.